[Not a bug] PVP restrictions are the same all the time

On introducing new PVP you’ve been talking about various limitations. It’s been 8 cycles and turned out to consist of 2 static sets. No variety, no interest, no challenge at all. What was the point of new PVP then?

stormheim, giant, orc, suncrest - same as prev week
drifring sands, divine - same as 2 weeks ago


Yes the non-colored Kingdoms seems to be stucked on the same 2/3 Kingdoms or types.

Bay of Stars seem to the the one with the most variation: Divine, Mystic, Sword’s Edge?

Is there someone who has noted all weeks PvP opponents?

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there should only be 5 rotation variations if I’m assuming correctly, 1 for each weekly shop variation. (on top of the categories just being repetitive in the first place)

slightly unrelated note, but that makes a majority of the pets even more useless if those restrictions never show up in the first place…


a sad situation having to deal with suncrest and stryx that often.

the fact that some rotations seemingly not happen could be due to the fact that they’re not even intended currently. maybe some rotations will only take place when they release new pvp pet sets in the future…
I can live with suncrest and stryx for a while, should that be the case.

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It seems odd. You are probably not wrong.
It seems like they only implemented a few types and Kingdoms. Half working content… I think I have experienced that before :sob::rofl:

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Next season is probably when they will put in new kingdoms, restrictions, and pets. Whenever that will be…

The restrictions are random so they can be the same back to back. I’ve given the team feedback that it would be better if they rotated less randomly. I’ll re-raise it.


Um … you know that the same restrictions repeating week-to-week in ALL NINE kingdoms simultaneously is approaching the level of “cryptographically impossible” ?

Here’s the math:

  • Winter’s Reach: 5 Troop Types, 7 Kingdoms (total 12)
  • Aidania: 4 Mana Colors
  • Ancient Khet: 5 Troop Types, 4 Kingdoms (total 9)
  • Geheron: 4 Mana Colors
  • Broken Lands: 5 Troop Types, 6 Kingdoms (total 6)
  • Summer Isle: 5 Troop Types, 3 Kingdoms (total 8)
  • Maraji Expanse: 5 Troop Types, 5 Kingdoms (total 10)
  • Southwild: 4 Mana Colors
  • Bay of Stars: 5 Troop Types, 6 Kingdoms (total 11)

The total number of permutations is thus 12 * 4 * 9 * 4 * 6 * 8 * 10 * 4 * 11 = 36495360, so the possibility of EVERYTHING rolling the EXACT same outcome as a previous week is ~ 1 /36M or 0.00000274%.

The easier conclusion is: I am not convinced the weekly restrictions were shuffled this week at all.


Then randomization goes between a very small set of options which has to be improved


Wait, is this happening to you? My restrictions are definitely different this week than last week, in multiple regions. If yours are stuck, something fishy is going on.

I was originally focused on this week and last week but ended up going back over previous weeks as well to be sure and found that week 5 and 7 looked to have the same restrictions so I dug into it more.

Currently pre-determined region restrictions are being used which were hand generated. This will last until the week ending 5/03/2024. After that, the server will randomly generate the restrictions for all regions (except Central Spire), using the same seed (the seed will regularly change) for each player, so that all players have the same restrictions as each other each week.

The way the PVP restrictions are chosen may change again in future updates.

I apologise for saying it was random before - this was the information I had from the design, which is intended to be random as mentioned above. I have told the team that this is exactly the sort of thing we need to know and they’ve let me know they will do their best to provide that level of detail in future if something deviates from the implementation plan.

Agreed. At the time 7.3 released we had further plans for PVP. 7.3 was just the base release of the PVP re-work. Almost everything (or just everything?) we add to the game is expandable due to being a live service game. Because it’s not a one and done release, we always have plans for future content, expansions and improvements to come at a later date after each update.


Uh … I don’t play enough PVP to even pay attention to this?

Indeed, the CX getting crucified for referring to outdated (or otherwise incorrect) design details is almost its own meme by now.

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I’m just making sure, is that March 5th (next update range?) or May 3rd (which seems abnormally far away)?


Thank you for finally admitting this. I mentioned it before and was given the same “It is RNG” nonsense. I keep a Discord server where I save up a team for each region in PVP every week, so I can easily pick the team next time. I have been doing this since the new PVP started. So I can tell you exactly what teams have been repeating every week / two weeks by looking at my list: Stormhaim, Suncrest, Stryx, Orc, Wargare, Monster, Mystic, Divine, Giant.

Of course the last week or two I stopped playing in the outer regions completely as I cannot tolerate the monotony anymore.


May 5th is a Friday, March 3rd is a Tuesday. So the former comes closest to be the ‘end’ of a week. :thinking:

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Don’t break this part of the game. It may turn out that after a possible fix it is impossible to select normal troops :face_holding_back_tears:

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I accept that this isn’t your fault, but I’m sure you see how frustrating it is when we’re being given incorrect information, especially because so much information is not included within the game. Or on the helpdesk pages.
So when something like this happens, and we can all see that the same restrictions are appearing week after week, it’s obvious that either the RNG is broken or the pool of options is too small. So, being told that the RNG is working and happens to keep selecting a small number of options from the whole game feels dishonest.
I’m glad you shared what the problem was and that there is a plan going forwards. From march, this will be fixed, right? Cool.


^ This.

@Kafka and the whole team:
Playing the game helps to find out about such discrepancies. Goes to the whole team. You could call it “testing”, something that is allegedly done to make sure everything is “working as intended” and “fun”.
What would also help is to actually have a little more faith and trust and less belittling and doubt into things the more active and experienced players post in this forum, they tend to be on the right track of things. We don’t want to harm anyone, we want to be treated fairly and taken serious and just want the game to work as it should.

Seeing how this rng situation right here is rigged makes me wonder how the team handles the same rng in other areas of the game. Are we being “played”?


I don’t even have to wonder… Of course it is rigged. It is a business for profit after all, not a charity for entertainment.

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