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[NOT A BUG] Pet Rescue - Order of units is not remembered, order of units resets each time

Platform, device version and operating system:
PC, Steam client, Game:, OS: Win 7x64 SP1

Screenshot or image:

Example 1: (You can see my valid/adjusted setup here.)

Example 2: (You can see that the setup after the battle gets changed to the old setup.)

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Pet Event Team slot gets changed even if you modify it after you complete a battle, any, from 1-8.
To be more exact, if you change the existing Team slot, its order, it will get changed no matter what you do.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Always. This issue is old, not new.

Steps to make it happen again
After you see card setup, change the slot order, but keep your current cards.
After you complete at least one battle, you will see that the slot order will get reset to their old setup.
I tried all methods to assure that my currently selected unit setup will not get changed.
The only way to fix this issue, is to change the slot order each time manually, because it won’t save after each battle in Pet Event.


Old setup: (the one that keeps resetting)
Divine Ishbaala

New (valid and intended setup)
Divine Ishbaala

I agree that it is weird behaviour, but as far as I know, it is intended. The way to make sure the team stays as per your preferred order is to make the change after selecting “Edit Teams” instead of dragging and dropping them around in the initial battle screen.

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go to edit team and change the order there so it saves
just moving troops around in event battle screen saves it as a “quick change” only for that 1 battle

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For Pet Event team slots (or any event team slot, for that matter) simply dragging troops on the battle prep screen will change the order for the next battle only, then revert. For your normal roster of teams (the set you can use in PvP, explore, quests, etc), if you change the order by simply dragging on the battle prep screen, it will save the order so long as you either play the battle or back out to the map (as opposed to just closing the game outright from this screen). As others have pointed out, to get the order to stick for event teams, you have to go into edit teams.

I’m not sure if either functionality is universally “better” for everyone (I personally prefer that the team order just stick always like with normal teams), but this inconsistency bothers me.


I tried that, of course. It’s the first thing that I actually wanted to check. It’s not working.
You still have to manually correct each setup each time if it’s needed.
And that can be a problem when you have less than 8 minutes to finish all 8 events.
You lose time, precious seconds that may cause you to lose the final battle reward if such thing happens.

once you edit all 6 teams (for all six colors of pets) it will stay like that when you are using edit team method


What Jzg said. :slight_smile:

The Pet Rescue teams save for certain colors and types of Pet Rescues, so you’ll need to edit them correctly for it to be added permanently for that ongoing type (there’s not really a specific guidelines for the “type”, it’s mostly backend code voodoo).

This is still occurring, has anyone addressed it? I play on mobile iOS and PS4 for years now, and haven’t been able to edit my pet rescue team permanently. Please advise

Two things, basically a summary of above:

  • For the team changes to be saved, go to “Edit team”, set your team to what you need and go play with it, it will save. If you are just reordering the troops on the pre-battle screen, the troop order will not save - intentional or not, this is expected behaviour at this time.

  • There are 6 pet event teams - one for each colour of the pet. If you change the team you use against the goblins (brown pet), it does not change the team you use against the infernal king for example. Which is good, because you might want different teams for different enemies, but it’s not immediately obvious and it might make it look like your team is not saving.

Should be working as described.