[Not a Bug] Path to Glory II gave already owned troop

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So to try and complete my dragon collection without surmounting a crazy amount of duplicates I tried for my attempt at the unowned one’s I don’t have. Garnetaerlin and Rubirath. I did also buy the Path to Power II which did give me an unowned mythic (Emeraldrin in this case) but this time I got one that I already owned now am I wrong in assuming it’s a bug that I got an already owned mythic (3x Ironhawk now 4)

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Unsure if may happen again but happened that day (Mythic Friday and already grabbed the new
mythic twice before opening mail aka The Sagittarian.)

Steps to make it happen again
I don’t really understand this part sorry people :sweat_smile:

Those subscriptions are only supposed to give you a “regular” mythic that can be obtained from chests. The mythics above are all special craft.


Unfortunately, you failed to read the bottom line.
It would, of course, help if devs made it red or other bright color instead of unassuming gray letters.


This should be the bug, actually, because Path of Power has the same disclaimer - eligible troops should be available from chests.
Now, I wonder how they’ll handle this pickle of a situation.


I mean I always read the bottom line but it’s still says UNOWNED if possible which if it’s just going to be plain random of unowned and owned then I’d of just stuck with gemming my way with these dragon’s but hey will see what comes of this if nothing then i’ll know where I stand but i’m sure something will be sorted with this one way or another… I hope :sweat_smile: I do agree with you though may of needed a slight bit of adjustment/addition for clarification.

I think you know it was only mythics obtainable from gem, glory, guild and VIP chests. Thanks for testing though.

Not necessarily true as I said I got Emeraldrin from Path to Power II. Anyways so basically since no one from above has stated otherwise I will go with my own observation and henceforth conclude that it is still random and will aim for owned and unowned mythics.