(Not a bug) New troops don't appear in Troop filter (or chests?) until restarting client

Platform, device version and operating system:
Android, Galaxy S7

Screenshot or image:
Didn’t get one at the time and can’t reproduce until new troop is released.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
On the day of a new troop becomes available in chests, after getting the News notification of the new troop, I would expect the troop to show up in troop filter - and to drop in chests.

But if the app has been sleeping/in background overnight, when I open Gems of War the next day I see the loading bar and get the News notification. At that point if I go to look at unowned troops the new troop doesn’t show up in the filter, and if I spend keys to try and get the new troop I don’t get them.

After closing the Gems of War app manually and restarting it, the troop will show up in the unowned filter, and I’m able to acquire it via keys.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
I first noticed this with Urskula when I spent 50+ event keys and didn’t get her, then noticed she wasn’t in the unowned troop filter. After restarting the app she appeared in the filter, and I got her after ~10 keys.

Similar thing happened with The Possessed King. I spent 6500 guild seals, 130 gem keys, 10k glory and 700 diamonds (VIP keys) and came up empty handed. Then I went to sad screenshot an unowned TPK, and when I filtered for unowned, TPK was not there. I restarted my game and he then showed up in the unowned filter.

I completely appreciate that these two cases do not represent enough trials for any level of certainty that the troop is actually unavailable before restarting the game. But after seeing threads about the Skeleton Key not being sent to people and not showing up in the unowned filter, I am suspicious… and at the very least, troops not showing up in the filter is a bug.

Steps to make it happen again

  1. Open Gems of War app day before a new troop (that will be available by keys) becomes available. Leave running in background/lock the phone/etc…
  2. On day of troop release, open Gems of War.
  3. Open up News and verify “New xxxxx Troop” notification is there.
  4. Go to “Troops” screen and filter for “Unowned”
  5. Attempt to locate new troop
  6. Purchase a number of chests where it is statistically extremely unlikely to have not obtained the troop (e.g. if Event keys have a 1% drop rate of a new legendary, 300 keys would be needed to get over 95% chance to obtain at least one copy).

Hi there @Astaerus
Unfortunately this is not something that can be resolved. Gems of War needs a complete restart when a new Troop comes up for them to show in Unowned/Owned/Troops. This allows the client to refresh correctly and is the only way to correctly trigger this change. However, if you are purchasing from chests after reset, you’re still drawing from the drop pool which points to the server that has the correct information regarding the new Troop, hence you’ll see the notification but not the Unowned/Owned Troops.

So, please force quit Gems of War before reset to be sure and to help your Troop appear in Owned/Owned Troops.