[Not a bug] Missing graphics AGAIN: Pandazerker, iOS

Platform, device version and operating system:


What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

My previous bug report about Werehound also missong graphics, after the old graphical issues were supposedly fixed, has not been dealt with and is still sitting in limbo. This is the second new troop since the “fix” that’s missing artwork.

Curiously, in both cases the artwork appears on my phone (also iOS) but not my iPad. Both devices are still missing old troop artwork from before the “fix”.

As stated in my last report, I did not uninstall/reinstall GoW on either device. The reason I didn’t do so was because when missing artwork inevitably happened again, it’d be easier to test a real future fix in which the game detects broken resources and re-downloads them.

As stated in my last report, the Download All Assets button does nothing. It can only be used once after a software update, and doesn’t fix broken assets. After usong it once, it erroneously says all assets have been downloaded and won’t do anything until the next time the app has a software update.

There are only two ways forward, and ideally both should be done:

  1. When the game fails to load an asset it supposedly has, the asset should be marked for re-download. If the download fails or times out, it should be marked as such. In this way, missing assets are self-correcting.

  2. The game needs a new, advanced version of the Download All Assets button that actually does what it says, refreshing all assets completely whether they’re supposedly already downloaded or not.


As previously mentioned several times, this isn’t a bug, you need to reinstall to receive the fix that everyone else has already received.

If you don’t reinstall to receive the fix, we cannot help you with missing graphics any further.


The reinstall was supposed to fix previously missing graphics assets, not new ones.

The fact that new assets showed up missing twice since then proves there’s still a problem.

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