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[Not a bug - Linux/Wine/Proton not supported] Linux is borked with 5.2 update

Hi, folks. I know that Windows is the only OS supported, but…

I was running GoW for ages with Proton on Steam with few to no issues, but after 5.2 update, GoW suddenly stopped working. The colored circle keeps spinning, but nothing loads.

Can you please check some major changes which could have broken the compatibility with Wine/Proton?

I love this game, but I do not use Windows at all. My Dell came preinstalled with Ubuntu, and I do not want to install Windows.

Please note, I am not requesting Linux support (It would be nice… :wink: ), but maybe you brought an unwanted bug by accident.

Thank you for your comments/suggestions.


Can’t help with your issue, but if everything else fails… remember you (most likely) have a phone :wink:

Hi, thanks for your quick reply. Yes, I have a phone, but GoW does not like my old Moto-G with 1G RAM… :frowning:

Here is a developing 3rd world country, so upgrading phones is not a choice for some of us.

But thank you for your support anyway. :+1:

Because GoW uses Unity, was there a recent update to Unity builds that can cause Linux compatibility issues that are known about?

I am not a programmer, but if some dev guide me I can grab some debug info.

There is any command line option that tells what the executable is doing?

Hmmm… this is a good start point of investigation. I will read more.

Is important to tell that the graphics engine is started (the opening window is shown). The rest of game won’t load (profile/campaigns, maybe)?

I found some other reports on ProtonDB:


Hello, guys!

With the help of steam players, a solution was found. You can see more details on original thread:


To resume, it can take four steps:

  1. Set compatibility option to the latest Proton;
  2. Fully quit Steam;
  3. Issue unset LD_PRELOAD && steam steam://rungameid/329110 if needed. This need to be run outside Steam from a Linux terminal (Fully quit Steam before doing this).
  4. If it runs or not, quit GoW and try again from Steam interface. Gems of War must be fully playable again on Linux.

Thanks for your replies. I can enjoy GoW again!!