[Not a bug] Impervious or not impervious .... that is the question

It says in Zuul’s second trait he is impervious = immune to ALL status effects.
However in the last few weeks I found that Zuul was hit by several status effects.
Last week I lost a guild war fight because of it and today I lost another fight in PvP due to Zuul being death marked and killed by it.
So when is impervious not impervious??? :thinking:

Impervious can be cursed, and thus vulnerable to status effects after being cursed. Invulnerable cannot be cursed and is thus always immune to status effects.


As noted, the “Curse” status ailment allows other status effects to ignore immunity traits and therefore be applied to troops that might normally be immune to them. This isn’t noted by the helptext for Impervious, but IS noted by the helptext for Curse.

I also first discovered this when I saw DRACOS 1337 (another Impervious troop) burning, asking myself “wait, how is my dragon on fire?”.

Mind the difference between “Impervious” and “Invulnerable” – e.g. raid Zuul’Goth has Invulnerable while normal Zuul’goth has only Impervious.

Several troops have Curse as part of their effect specifically so they can apply status ailments to foes that might otherwise be immune to them - for example:

  • Amauru (Curse+Stun+Poison) – and the Poison remains even after Curse wears off
  • Deep Huntsman (Curse+Web)
  • Hellclaw Mage (Curse+Burn)
  • Draxxius (Curse+Death mark vs Dwarves) – Dwarves are normally immune to Death Mark
  • Frozen Shieldbreaker (Curse+Freeze)
  • Glutmaw (Curse+Stun)
  • Sledgepaw (Curse+Stun+Bleed)
  • Solari (Curse+Death Mark vs Undead) – Undead are normally immune to Death Mark
  • Tutankhatmun (Curse+Death Mark)
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You probably met Enraged Kurandara in GW.

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There is a clause in the tool tip for Curse that it applies to Impervious specifically as well.

They really need to update the tooltip for Impervious though, so it says “Immune to all Status Effects (EXCEPT CURSED,) Devour, Lycanthropy, and Mana Burn.” :bulb: Something like that.

No consistency having it explained in one tooltip and not the other.


Hello :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure there is already a request for the tooltip update, but I’ll check and make sure a request has been sent to the development team.


An old proposal is “Immune to Devour, Mana Burn and all Status Effects except Cursed”, to make it easier to understand. Lycanthropy is a Status Effect, it shouldn’t be mentioned individually on top.


People need to remember mana drain and mana steal are not prevented

Is just a spoiler but upcoming godslayer from Vulpacea hit the enemy (boss) and drain 5 mana.
Is impossible since all the bosses are invulnerable

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Not sure about the history here but Curse might be newer than Impervious?

Yeah, why did they update the tooltip just for this?

No, mostly just event bosses (Raid Zuul’goth being the big one). Don’t forget that the daily Dungeon Bosses are, in fact, “Boss” typed and many of them don’t have any status immunities, let alone immunity to Mana Drain.

(Besides, I need more ways to slow down King Jarl Firemantle’s self-looping and King Gloom Leaf’s one-shotting my party, they always seem to give me far more trouble than others)

Yeah i was thinking only the ZuulGoth Raid, since godslayers I used them only there and its his business, when will be available on that week/weekend

I usually dont use on other scenario
Maybe on GW if there is enemy Zuul.

About Dungeon , my ZuulGoth team is good enough to not use other godslayers.

Is just a weak design imho.
Could be nicer “…hit… And drain mana from other enemies” or adjacent enemies.
But nvm, we should ohko quickly down for the event :sweat_smile: