[Not a bug] I'm not getting my guild card upgrade or receiving guild keys. I have 15000 guild seals

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PS4 . Not getting guild keys. Not getting guild chest upgrades

I’m also not getting VIP keys

Your issue is a little unclear.

You get a maximum of 1,500 guild seals per week (assuming you are in a guild).

You can choose to open these, if you are in a guild, via the ‘chests’ menu. For example, 1,000 guild seals will open 50 guild chests.

The Level of Guild Chest you gain access to will be determined by the total seals earned and claimed by your guild in the week. You need 40,000 seals to get to the maximum Level 6 Guild Chest.

Thanks for the clarity. I got it.

With 15k (personal) Seals, please wait until your Guild reaches 40k Seals/Level 6 Guild Chests for my vicarious sanity :stuck_out_tongue:.


VIP keys can only be purchased with gems/real money.

That is the problem I’m having. It isn’t moving off level 1 even thou I have over 2500 guild points

If you mean Guild Chest level isn’t increasing, that has to happen on a weekly basis.

You can’t, as an individual player, accrue seals in excess of 1500 per week without clan orbs or other purchases, so the 20k and 40k thresholds are really designed to force guild members to push each other to be really active each week.

I would suggest reading this official guide on the subject: