[Not a bug] Hundrets of doubles on Guardians

Platform, device version and operating system:
Windows 8.1 / Steam
Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Iwas informed the Guardians would disapear from Guildchest if they have reached enouth to be mythic +4 extras, so I did not pay them any more attention, and now I’m left with nearly 400 extras of them instead of other troops I expected to become frome the keys. I made screenshots of 2 of them before and all of them after updateing them, afterwards a teammember told me to write a ticket to you to report this bug. And ask if you can fix that thing.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
it was just todays opening of about 19k of guildkeys.

Steps to make it happen again
this will be a onetimer I hope, so if I get more of them… that would not be any fun anymore

They will stop drop now.
It happened because they still drop until a player ascend them manually to Mythic rarity and get another 3 copies.

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thank you.
but what to do with this 400 leftovers now? they are of no use and my keys are lost :frowning:

You can disenchant them for extra souls.


Well, but thats nuts, to me this looks like at some point there was a change in the behavior of this part of the game.
None of our people had any clue of it… late jesterday we found out that nearly 60% had the same problem and never knew about it.
May anyone be so kind and tell me when that did change, to put it in our own forum?
Thanks Guys

It used to be “all guardians will continue to drop from guild chests until the player has ascended all guardians to mythic rarity and has at least 4 copies”

That was changed to “each guardian will continue to drop from guild chests until the player has ascended it to mythic rarity and has at least 4 copies” when the second set of guardians were released. It’s better now, at least now you’re only getting the guardians that the game thinks you still need.

Maybe what happened is you forgot how it worked because you had the old guardians mythic-ed a long time ago? Because it was always like this, until you actually ascended the guardian to mythic, the game kept giving them to you.

I can’t remember when I brought the old ones up to mythic … but I know for sure, I didn’t have more of them then what I needed +4 even so they have not been upgraded… they did not spawn anymore…
and another thing on that is, this is just a few month in the past, so must have been right before the new guardians… however, it is as it is now, but I think this problem could be soved verry easily with a few code-rows… that can’t be so hard to code.
Thanks anyways.