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[Not a bug] Honour system not working


Screenshot or image:

2 days running I start to award honour and after the 2nd award it says I have no more honour 0/5 to give.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
2 consecutive days.

Steps to make it happen again
Award honour.

What’s not working about that? You get two honor points per day to give out. After you award honor to two people, you have no more honor left to give.


Adding to what previous poster said:
if you don’t give out 2 daily honor points, they keep rolling over to the following day until the cap of 5 honor is reached.

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You used to be able to give 5 per day. If it’s now 2 per day it should say so as in 0/2, not 0/5. I didn’t know it had been reduced from 5 to 2 and it makes no sense that it has been. All this does is prolong the global trading by an additional 150% and prevents recruitment and helping each other even more. Crazy. But thanks for the heads up.

You are still able to give 5 per day.

You only gain 2 per day up to a maximum of 5.

It has been this way since release.

The image below is from the patch notes.


It’s never been 5 per day, or at least, never was a person supposed to get 5 a day.

If people were, then that is the bug.

Because the cap is 5, and you get 2 a day. You can miss one log in at no penalty. Miss two, and you’re punished with 1 honor. Each subsequent day is an additional penalty of 2 more.


Just confirming, Honour has always worked the following way:

After level 20 you receive 2 points of honor per day to give out.
You can save up to a maximum of 5 honor points to give.
The amount of times you can give honor per day is only capped by the number of honor points you have saved (so up to a maximum of 5 in a single day if you’ve saved 5 points over multiple days)