[Not a bug] Hacked_treasure bug false positive

Xbox Series X

Cannot attempt to get screenshot due to information I will reveal below:

Attempted to play Treasure Hunt mode to get a few extra gems so I could buy VIP chests (currently hunting new mythic). When I entered the mode, the screen was blank but invisible icons could still be moved. I was able to match some icons and then visible icons fell from the top of the screen. Reloaded game and same thing happened. Figured since I only needed a few gems, I would play the mode and try to match up a green chest or 2. Played maybe 3-4 games. After a few minutes, I was kicked out of the game and hit with a ban for Hacked_treasure. No outside modifications were made to the game. To my knowledge, there was no hack or bug abuse, only a visual bug that actually impaired gameplay and led to sub-optimal matches.

As far as I know, this bug has only occurred once on Xbox Series X. Tested on Steam version on PC and it appears to be safe. Not sure if ban flags goes up for accessing mode, playing the mode or hitting a rewards screen. Either way, I sent warnings on reddit and global chats to let others be aware so they can protect their accounts.

To my knowledge, to make this happen again, I would try to play Treasure Hunt on an Xbox Series X and see if the screen is indeed blank with invisible but movable icons. These icons must be connected with the typical low-tier icons you would see at the beginning of any Treasure Hunt and they can be matched by randomly attempting matches. Matched icons should produce visible icons from top of screen, matching with normal play. Play 3-4 complete games and you should be hit with a ban for hacked_treasure.

Again, I must stress, no actual outside modifications were made to the game in anyway. This potentially means that attempted play of a mode that is not locked off can lead to more PERMANENT account bans.

Currently seeking ban appeal and doing my due diligence to bring awareness to this issue.

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One of the team will grab your ticket shortly! But I will close this thread in the meantime, as we cannot discuss bans and ban appeals publically.

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