[Not a bug] Glitch with Fenix - Mythic from Vulpacea?

I’ve been burning through tons of glory - over 100,000 and all my gem and event keys and still nothing. Usually costs me no more than 400 gem keys to get the monthly mythic release… this one has been a LOT more than that… and still no Fenix. I’m running out of long-built-up resources trying to get it.

Sorry to say its not a bug. That’s how rng works sometimes. I was playing when Kalika was released. There’s been a dozen? Nexus Events and i still have not gotten her. Sorry to say it doesn’t seem like you used as much as i know others have spent at times. Oh well.

Better luck next time.


You can’t get him from event keys at the moment, BTW. Not last week, not this week.

Otherwise that is sadly how rng works in this game. Sometimes you spend insane amounts to get a mythic.

If you never had to spend more than 400 gem keys you’ve been very, very lucky.


Once, I spent 18 months without getting a mythic from Mythic Friday. Even grinding a lot of gems, glory and saving keys the whole month. It sucks but it is what it is. Some months I get a mythic with the first 1000 guild seals and some months need to wait for week reset to get more keys to get another chance. Been there.

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Always good to remember this ballpark, and how Probability works.

My worst luck drained all my keys, seals, and 400k glory back in the day in order to find the mythic…

…and I’ve received the new mythic with a handful of Guild Seal pulls on few occasions too.
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