[Not a bug] Faction troops from legendary tasks?

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We weren’t expecting to get a faction troop from legendary tasks, we received Xerodar, which felt quite disappointing. Those troops don’t show up in chests, are they really supposed to be part of the legendary loot pool?

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Quite thankfully only once so far.

Steps to make it happen again
Complete enough legendary tasks.

Since Factions came out. There treasures and troops have been in the LT drop pool…I think it’s working as intended.


Just giving official confirmation that yes, this is working as intended :slight_smile:


Just for my own confirmation - this means you can get Genie Lamps in LTs?

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Yes. We have gotten a couple before.
I’m pretty sure they took Sacred Treasures out of legendary tasks… Or we haven’t been the unlucky to find out for sure.


Quoting from the 4.0 patch notes:

Chaos Shards (spent on Chaos Portals) are the only way (outside of a Faction Event Shop) to get Faction Troops and Treasures

I don’t want to sound rude (and I’m probably failing), but could you please verify with the team that faction troops are indeed supposed to show up from other sources, contrary to what the patch notes claim? There have been quite a few confirmations in regards to game mechanics recently that turned out be wrong, I’d really like to be sure about this one.

Just to provide some additional insight, getting a faction legendary or, even worse, a Genie Lamp from legendary tasks is like unwrapping a Christmas present and finding half a brick inside, with a note “sucks to be you!” attached. For something supposed to be rewarding the amount of trolling sure feels legendary. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Removing Genie’s Lamps from the drop table—but leaving other underworld legendaries—seems like it would make most people (other than Fourdottwoone) happy.

I don’t care much either way, but would rather have the lamp than an underworld legendary.

When using shards to bring troops to mythic, the legendary usually isn’t the bottleneck. So more of them are useless to me.

My guild got The Deep King a few weeks ago in an LT. Personally, I feel that all faction troops should be removed from LT’s entirely. They do not drop in any of the “normal chests” and since they can only be obtained by opening portals, then it doesn’t make much sense to me why they would be in these tasks.

@Fourdottwoone Sirrian confirmed this himself.

If you’d like to provide feedback on whether you like this or not pelease do so in the feedback section of the forum :slight_smile:
Thanks everyone!

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