[Not a bug] Delve sigils disappearing

Platform, device version and operating system: Xbox Series X Gems 7.3

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
When I don’t have time to run my daily delve, I ‘store’ the sigil in one of my completed delves for future use. When I went in today, not only are they all now missing (every delve bar the most recent factions, and one I recently completed [Fang Moor]), but the PF500 sigil for Lyrasza’s Lair, which was sat awaiting the last boss fight is now gone too!!

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Steps to make it happen again


Hello :slight_smile:

Would you happen to know how long you had the delve running for?

As potentially it sounds like the delve started a long time ago and perhaps it got reset due to how long it had been. (Unless you updated Gems of War recently, which may also cause this to happen)

I had one stored in every single delve too. All dissappeared. I also use these for hero leveling and want them back.


Me too. The one sigil at all kingdoms had disappeared.

I’ve had the spare sigil loaded at every delve for more than a year. Perhaps this latest update wipes them all?


The stored sigils could be anything up to a year old, but were still all there last time I checked.
The Lyrasza’s Lair one, which had an hour’s work into it, was last checked 4 months ago.

Are you saying there’s a mechanic deliberately coded into Gems that cancels sigils?

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Any update?


Just to clarify,

  • Delve attempts are not designed to be stored over the long term.

So I would suggest you guys to not save them for overly long periods of time just in case.

Although they can ‘saved’ temporarily, (eg. if you would prefer to play delves later) they are not intended to be saved for long periods of time, such as a year. (Extreme example)

As the intended save usage is more like ‘until the weekend’ when you have time to play the recent Delve Attempts, we cannot guarantee that they can be stored infinitely. And if they are left unused for a month and still work, that’s great! (Just again, please keep in mind we cannot guarantee long term storage)

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Actually, the intended save usage doesn’t seem to impose any time constraints, at least as far as officially communicated in the patch notes:

Reading between the lines, someone messed up the entire information stored in the database about ongoing runs, possibly by changing something without proper testing. And the damage was so extensive that it’s been deemed easier to just drop them all and claim players have been using the banking feature incorrectly the past five and a half years. Main question is, how is this going to get compensated? It’s not just about sigils, players often park deep delve runs this way, which involves an extra entrance fee.


Yeah broken now.

Did a delve opened the first room with 3rd sigil, logged. Following day go in to complete delve, when complete shows 2/3. It’s never worked like that ever.

Please fix.


fully agree, compensation or this is just another betrayal from the devs…paying players should do sth against it.


Where are you pulling this bullet point from?