[Not a bug] Caribou's spelltext

Okay, this is really just a wording issue, the spell’s actual effect is fine, but Caribou’s spelltext (as of its release today) says:

… Really, zero to three? There has literally never been a summoner who is allowed to successfully summon zero troops – the preferred wording is instead “There’s a [__]% chance to summon…”

Suggested wording for Caribou:

Where the stated % is the calculated probability of summoning a nonzero number of troops. (For example, assuming each value from 0-3 is equally weighted, this would be a 75% chance to summon)


Hello :slight_smile:

This is not a bug, as you are able to summon 0 Caribou in the spell.

However, I have let the development team know about the feedback on the wording.

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