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[NOT A BUG] Can't complete adventure: Upgrade warlock class to level 5

Android, multiple.

Screenshot or image:

Received adventure quest level Warlord to level 5. My warlord class was already above level 5. I have leveled much more than 5 levels, and it did not go away on adventure reset.

I’m not strong enough to finish all the daily adventures most of the time, so I have been missing out on the chance to do adventures.

This happened yesterday.

Most likely caused by the fact the fact that I finished an adventure after my warlock class got to level 5.

Did you level Warlord using souls or are you going by the champion level you get from just playing with the class?

Oh. I was looking at Talent level. My bad, no bug.

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I think it should have been worded better. If it just says level then usually it means using souls but if it says champion level then it would be levels for unlocking the talents.