[Not a bug] Buying gold marks sub should not be still available after purchase

When i bought the Gold Marks Subscription it is still available for purchase again when it should now be gone or disappear after purchase.

Unless i can buy multiple subs for the same thing but i dont think that was the intent

Please see pic

Heya, this is standard for subs in Gems of War. If you purchase more than one the extra days will add onto the end of your current sub.

We have players who purchase multiple subs at once to keep it running.

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@Kafka ….if what you’re saying is correct…

The gold mark offer is $15 for 50 Gold Marks —> $30 for 100 Gold Marks (=1 Book of Deeds) every two days. Cost per book of deeds is $30.

The subscription offer is 170 Gold Marks for $10 (received over 15 days) —> but if these are unlimited, then someone could buy 5 of them at the same time for $50 and receive 100 Gold Marks immediately (5x20) and then 50 Gold Marks every day for 15 days. In this case they would receive the equivalent if 8.5 books of deeds worth of gold marks for $50. Cost per book is $5.88.

So, so long as you log in everyday the subscription offer saves 80% compared to the first offer (and is unlimited).

Is this understanding correct?

(Or perhaps each subscription overwrites the prior one?)

for me its $10 for the static 50 gold marks, $8 for the subscription. Also, purchasing multiple subscriptions EXTENDS them, it does not stack on top of each other. Buying 5 subscriptions would mean you will get 10 per day for 75 days. The reason the subscription is cheaper (by a lot) is because you MUST wait to receive them.

If you are book of deeds locked (like so many people) the gold marks subscription is actually not that bad of a price tbh. Though i will not be buying it simply because there is no way to actually farm gold marks at all. If you could get gold marks instead of silver marks on the lantern bonuses, even at like 10% chance to get like 5 gold marks, i would be much more willing to spend money to accelerate my progress.

Also, silver marks will very quickly become useless, could we get something where we can convert, say 1000 silver marks to like 25 gold marks even? Because after a couple of months there will be literally nothing worth using silver marks for.

It actually does stack on the first purchase then it goes into the extended purchase plan afterwards so you do get a minimum of gold at the start, i believe 20, then it drops to the back end so in theiry you can buy an unlimited amount buy its a small one

You can buy a single pet that you haven’t already mythic yet with the silver stars, unfortunately i have already mythiced all my non gold paying pets so tbis is what I’m going to do when they decide to release another non gold star pay wall pet but from what I’m seeing they are coming through the pvp capture every once in a while so my hopes are up, we have caught 3 so far in our guild to my surprise.