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(not a bug) Backup talent doesn't combine well with sunbird

Backup talent (used it from thief class) has a 50% chance of summoning a Bandit when an ally dies.
If I use the spell from Sunbird that theoretically kills the sunbird and respawns it.

Now if the backup talent triggers this is what will happen:

  1. Sunbird is casted;
  2. Sunbird deals damage and dies;
  3. Backup talent triggers and summons a bandit in the empty spot;
  4. Sunbird wants to respawn but there are no empty locations to do so.

Pretty much the bandit talent, in a way, kills my sunbird. I suppose this will also overwrite any other summonings that can happen (like infernus or dragon soul). While I don’t know how it should work with other summons definitely sunbird should respawn before any other spells try to summon on death.

This has been mentioned before. The devs say this is the intended behavior. Guess you shouldn’t use Backup on teams with Sunbird.


Yeah, I was bamboozled fren when this first happened to me - I’d put this in the Gameplay Chat category, since while I agree with you (it doesn’t work well with Sunbird), it’s not a bug. You could even put it in Feature Requests, if you wanted Sunbird’s spell to finish before triggering any traits.

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Hey @Memleak This is indeed working as intended, based on the order the talent works in after a Spell is cast (so the game can work correctly). Let me know if you want me to move the thread.