[NOT A BUG] Archer class bullseye trait kills hero to reflect troops

Xbox One

I just crafted The Wildqueen and took her out to do some explore 12s, I used Archer Class and the first mini boss battle I got Yao Guai as the top troop on the opposing team Casted Leprechaun which did a few damage to Yao Guai as well and filled Wild queen and hunters mark was put on Yao Guai he had 301 health and my very first cast of Wild Queen my attack was raised from 47 up to 92, 1 skull alignment happened and Yao Guai and my hero BOTH died. There is no way I did 301 damage to Yao Guai even hunters marked. What happened was the Bullseye trait registered and it not only killed him but my Hero as well. Even if his whole health of 301 was reflected back at 25% there is no way that would have even broke through my armor nether alone completely kill my hero. I recorded the game clip to watch it back and the only thing I as well as some friends of mine could come up with is the reflect on an instakill from the Bullseye trait results in an Instakill on your hero. I then set my defend team full of troops with reflect and tested this on myself and it was happening every couple of battles. Any time you get the Bullseye to register against any troop with reflect your hero also dies. This essentially renders the whole trait a liability to use the class rather than it being a good green storm option with 50% mana start to the hero. Please look into fixing this as it is really easy to duplicate the process and see this bug. Thank you

This is ‘working as intended,’ according to a much older bug report about the same thing:


Ok I tried to look through and missed it with the pages on pages of things, first time posting something and wouldn’t have known who to privately message, how that’s intended I don’t understand, I never would have traited the classes 3rd trait then but thanks. I could understand it reflecting the % of the damage to kill that troop being understandable but not 100% on a troop with 25% reflect


Instant kills are coded as ‘deal 2000 damage…’ or something similiar, when that damage gets reflected your hero gets hit with 500 or something…


Bull’s Eye, Rising Shadows or any lethal damage works as 999 damage on to the hp of the troop. Upon reflect, a fraction of that (quite a value) hits your hero causing the death. In theory, if your hero has enough to withstand, it may not kill your hero too.


It should be at least 10k damage as Bullseye must be able to kill, for example, 1000/1000 life/armor Stonehammer with 80% skull reduction.

But reflect counts as a spell damage. Doesn’t it?

It might works as intended but works stupidly!
Instant kill abilities coded as a very big amount of dmg is just laziness, and lead to too many bugs already.
A kill command should exist for these mechanics which kills a troop, without doing any dmg.


The first time this happened to me I recorded the video and also made a thread on these forums, because I was proper confused as to how my troop had died. Same answers then as posted above. Yep it doesn’t seem right or fair, but it is working as intended so just need to watch out for enemy troops that reflect damage.