[NOT A BUG] A mythic troop in arena

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
To play an arena match that didn’t include a mythic troop as part of the opponent’s team. Suna is the last troop for this arena opponent.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Unfortunately, I only noticed it after I killed the first 3 troops (it’s about 1:30am here so I’m very sleepy).

Steps to make it happen again
Just happened this once so far, but will update if it occurs again.

There are troops that summon available in Arena, and these summoned troops can be anything from common to mythic.
So it very likely the AI had a troop that would summon a fey or divine or Bright Forest troop as part of their spell.

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Even though it was quite late when it happened, and I was tired, I do not remember Suna being summoned. I believe she was in the last spot from the beginning. It would seem strange to me if a common through epic troop summoned a mythic in arena since traits are inactive. I realize summon could be part of a spell though.

Suna is a Divine/Fey from Bright Forest. Unless I’m mistaken, the only troop that can summon Suna is Starflower, a legendary, so something would need to summon Starflower first. Yet no troop can summon Starflower. So my best guess is that the enemy team had Mongo and it just happened to be a one-in-a-million cast.

You killed 4 troops already based on the souls in the SS. So something summoned Suna.


Ah, okay. I didn’t think to look at the souls. Thank you!

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Do you know of anything that could’ve summoned Suna in Arena? Best I could come up with was Mongo. I realize that this thread has been “answered” in that something summoned it. Am just curious now to understand which troop did it.

Mongo seems like the most likely scenario.

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Mongo’s updated abilities from the Wild Plains rework – agreed that it seems most likely:


That makes it even more interesting, the mongo had to be summoned and then it cast transforming it’s self.
It had to be summoned by a troop in the 1-3 position.

Mongo should be available as Epic pick in the drafting phase.

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Forgot that the player the ability to move the AI positions.
Too much thought being put into something that isn’t a bug.

Thanks all for the additional replies and discussion. My apologies not realizing all of this. It doesn’t appear to be a bug.

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No, I think your initial observation is right. AI teams always seem to have the epic troop in front, so it shouldn’t end up in last position when transforming. Unless The Dust Devil shifted the team around? :thinking:

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That seems very likely, because one Dust Devil cast would send the Epic to the back, which could transform, and it’s at 9/10 mana here, so it seems like it would have only cast once so far.