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NORTHWIND (Rank 310, Master I 200%) looking for players, no requirements!

We’re looking for active, casual players. Not expecting anything from you. Play at your own pace, we don’t judge.

Despite being casual we are quite active and managed to climb more than 100 spots in the League just in 3 months and getting close to rank 300.

Hi. Do you have some spots left ? My current guild is too inactive for me…

I can easily do 1k seals and 100k gold. Still working on my upgrading my kingdoms. Let me know if level 63 is ok for you then I’ll drop out of my current one

hi, are you still recruting? New Casual player here. Help me level up a bit, then I will surely contribute to the guild. If interested, Code; ANONYMOUS 9

HI, I am new player, lvl 31, but I think I will grow fast, this game is amazing. I can contribute lot of seals and trophies. Do you still recruiting? code: hrus

sorry guys, the recruiting is over