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Noobs guide to getting Dragon Armor in a few days

As a beginner you need trait stones, troops, souls, gold, glory and gems in massive quantities.

By the way the Dragon Armor took me three months to get 500 gems and I want to show you how to get it in just a few days.

You need to do treasure hunt and for that you need treasure hunt maps.

As a beginner heres an easy way to get thousands of souls and gold and hundreds of glory and gems per week.

Team composition
War Hound.

Templar has resistance to skull damage as a 3rd trait and provides armor buffs(protection) to the entire team plus creates green gems for Tyri to use.

Tyri explodes brown blue gems to feed Templar and Yellow red to feed Valkyrie and War hound and green purple gems for maps.

Valkyri gets souls and changes brown to blue to feed Templar.

War Hound howls and reduces enemy attack to zero…cool! huh!

This lets you farm maps and souls.
But heres the map I use to get ten maps and sixty souls every time.

Forest of Thorns first challenge.
Enemy team is Dire Wolf, Forest Ranger?, Dryad and Green Seer.

Tactics are fire off Templar to buff team and kill dire wolf and the forest gaudian guy as soon as possible.

Fire off War Hound to reduce Dryads attack to zero and then farm, farm and farm those sweet maps and souls.

Then once you have ten maps and sixty souls kill Dryad and green seer and use your maps for on average 500 souls, 80 glory, 40 gems and a few gem -glory keys.

Do this all day to end the day with around two thousand souls, 500 glory and around a hundred gems or more!!

After five days go and buy the Dragon Armor for 500 gems and use the glory for troops in store rewards.

Then its back to farming the Forest of Thorns map to get even more resources.


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That’s an interesting farming team you made! Thanks for sharing.

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Its a one stop lets farm for everything team with an easy map and so far? its the only challenge map like that I have found?

this composition works ofcourse very well. maybe some extra food for thought:

  • not just Tyri but the whole gem changer composition will allow for bigger cascades and an almost even chance of getting a map
  • you can change warhound with giant spider: it adds to the synergy and it can generate one or more spider swarms to absorbe skull damage, because you want to avoid skull damage to keep the match going.
  • if the last troop is counter-management: an entangle troop could work nicely as well, and if you are lucky enough to have a spring imp for example… you can easily avoid all skull matches of leave them setup for the opponent
  • Tyri doesnt explode the gems, she removes them (with mana gained), exploding would cause all 8 gems around said gem to be removed as well.
  • if you have the patience and like this gem-changing team (for farming) newer players can use this composition in the kingdom pve storylines, as well as the challenges, netting an extra bonus at the end of the match. Also, since yesterday, if (fully) leveled and traited, a decent team to do the explore matches afterwards.
  • if you were to consider time management and rentability as well: i suggest, seeing as you’d get lots of maps through this, to surf quickly through the treasure maps without putting too much thought into it, especially if glory and gems are more important for a newer player. This way you will have a decent time-split between farming and treasure hunting.
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Giant spider is good but the problem is spider swarm adds poison and that kills enemy troops.

The advantage of Warhound is that once enemies have zero attack this then is the same as if they are entangled.

i.e. enemy Dryad with zero attack is unable to do any damage with skulls and any accidental damage by Templar is healed by Dryad by skill cast.

Warhound also works well versus teams that depend on skull damage like sheggra, bone dragon, keeper of souls, etc. in that once these are at zero attack its funny to see a lava strike getting a five skull match for only two damage thats fixed next turn when Templar does its buff to armor.

I call this team Green Acres since there was a show about a farm a long time ago back when color television was limited to two colors…black and white.


I’ve been doing this a while too. The farming I do is with:

Fortress Gate
Lady Sapphira

Then you fight on the Fortress Siege challenge at Broken Spire.

The basic strategy is that between the two Fortress Gates in the first slot on both teams, you can completely ignore skulls. Tyri can either feed herself or Lady Sapphira until the Archon and Terraxis are dead (Terraxis first), and then she just feeds herself. Lady Sapphira could easily be swapped out for another single non-random targeted true damage troop.

The Valkyrie is partially there for Necromancy but mostly to generate a bunch of souls and to clear a bunch of gems in one go towards the end when I’m trying to cycle the board to Tyri’s colors.

Then I just keep track of the number of maps and once I hit the cap (10) I kill the opposing Fortress Gate with Sapphira. And since it’s true damage I don’t have to care about all the casts of Reinforce it’s been making. Between difficulty & spider armor I hit a caps of 90 souls, 220 gold and 10 maps.