Noob Question = How can i switch Accounts on tablet?


i have a new tablet and wanted to play this game ( cant fit it with my xbox one profil ) so i downloaded the game on tablet too ( its faster and easier to play = more fun ) and created a account.

My girlfriend startet a week ago on steam and wanted to play on my tablet now too so she transfered her account on my tablet but now i cant go back to my original account always have her and want my old back and i have tried all things out but so now i try to get help in this forum :smiley:

She said ones she hat the choice of the two players on the tablet but cant get in there now … im helpless

So pls anyone have a idea ? :anguished:

Thanks for answers

Hi @Drain, if you contact our support folks at:
and let them know your hero name & (approximate) level, they’ll help you get it back.

having the same problem and i cant find the solution, nothing yet?

Contact our support team (same link as Sirrian’s) and they will be able to help you recover your account.