Noob question & help :)


Thanks for helping in advanced, I am new to this game F2P & lvl 18.

My cards are at the end of this post.

I was wondering if magic +X improves Luther skill ? He his not upgraded yet so would it give +4? I’m asking cuz I have Djinn.

I was thinking of (I will put Luther first & hero last once upgraded):

Hero (purple)
Dryad (blue/yellow)
Dire wolf (green)
Luther (brown/blue)

Brown is my highest mastery (lvl 3 broken spire & I always choose brown over any color when I had to pick between 2)… Yellow is my 2nd best.

My current team is:

Hero (purple - wizards wand lol)
Dryad (blue/yellow)
Dust devil (brown/yellow)
Satyr (green)

My cards:

Centaur scout - Yellow (Y)
Goblin - G
Golem - B
Hag - G/P
Lance Knight - Blue
Nymph - Y/P
Orc - R
Priestess - Y
Rock worm - B
Sand Shark - B/R
Scale guard - R
Siren - G/P
Skeleton - P
Spider swarm - R
Thrall - P
Warhound - G/Y
Wight - Blue/R
And All the other cards mentioned above


Luther’s attack boost is improved by magic, yes. So if yours is 2, and you give him 2 more magic, it goes to 4.


I was going to link the updated troop list but it appears to have gone down for the moment. On troop lists when you see [x+magic] that means that the ability is scaled off magic.


The troop list can be found here:

Luther is here: