Noob question from a veteran

Where’s the Mass Ascend button?

Please be gentle. I’m really embarrassed about asking such a basic question. I assume it’s staring me in the face somewhere.

You need to go to the troop upgrade menu for a troop that isn’t mythic, then click the ascension button. Then it’s the >> button at the top left


There’s no corresponding “Mass level-up” though. So even if I somehow get an excess, I do them one at a time anyway.


Oh. That seems bizarre. What’s the point of mass ascending half a dozen troops if you then have to search for them and level them manually?

Thanks for the helpful answers, folks!

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Instead of searching for them, just sort by level. :arrow_double_down: until you hit the end. Should take care of most of them for ya :grin:

Excuse the piggy-backing, but does this also affect Delve Treasures? I’ve not pressed it because I don’t want to see a bunch of Chalices “ascended” to the next level and thus wasted…

Nope, it doesn’t affect treasures, only “real” troops.

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Thanks! :+1: