Non-existent char classes on pvp enemies

I am always looking at my enemies in pvp, mainly because i want to lvl the characters that slaughter me in pvp for my own use. today i encountered a team that downright butchered me hands down. so i looked at why. i found the answer in a superpowered trait on the enemy hero, it gave all yellow chars 1 to each of their traits on every turn. wow i gotta have that i thought, looking at the hero class it read wildfolk/hero.

so i looked at all the hero classes and it wasnt there, wtf?

is it something that was in an event i missed? whats happening?

anyone got yhe skinny here?

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Hero was Bard.

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To unlock Bard class you need to finish Questline in Wild Plains, I think that was the Kingdom of Bard.

Pan’s vale hero class, I believe :slight_smile:

Ah right :smiley: Pan’s Vale that was :slight_smile: