No weapon pack this week?

Title says it all…

Edit: Sorry for the necro, but didnt want to start another thread when this one from last week still existed.

Me wants Fire and Ice.

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There is a weapon pack.


Well I dont see it… Maybe they changed the system (when they switched it to Limit:1) so that you dont see the pack if you already have the weapon… because I already have Soultrap and I dont see the pack in the shop…

Anyone else can confirm this theory?

I already own the Soultrap and I see what Eika sees (and he probably has the Soultrap too).

Try restarting?

Also if restarting doesn’t fix it, what platform are you on?

It looks like this weapon bundle isn’t show in PC version.



Do you have the weapon already? I can see it on PC (and I don’t have the weapon).

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Same as Ozball.

No, I don’t have it. Btw last week I didn’t see weapon bundle too (on PC).

Happened again… no weapon pack in the store. Anyone else having this issue?