No submerge in Blackhawk trials?

I’m a little confused by the hint for the Blackhawk trials; it tells me to submerge my troops to avoid damage, but none of the troops I have can submerge allies. Are the wrong troops showing up for me?

Current troops: Ship Cannon - Shocktopus - Captain Macaw - First Mate Axelubber


Nah it’s just got the wrong hint for the updated teams. Try using opponents’ submerge against them for easy kills with Macaw.

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I don’t know what they mentioned, but the strategy is to hit enemies that submerge with Captain Macaw to Kill.

If enemies don’t submerge on their own, then you can make them submerge by hitting them with Captain Macaw and hit them again to kill them.

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Narwhale submerges when it takes damage so thats an instakill by Macaw. Bonnie Rose is the troop that will give you trouble.

Yep! I went after her first with Macaw and then the Narwhale/Dragon Turtle.

I did laugh at the tip being wrong. At least this trial is a lot less awful than a lot of them have been.

Like Merlantis? THAT is the other Kingdom advertising Submerged, only for one Troop on the enemy team to explicitly dispel it first.

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Shocktopus also deals double skull damage to submerged enemies. Macaw is your main killer troop in this trial but the octopus can deal good damage too as backup especially since I think 3/4s of the enemy team submerges themselves.

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Thanks for the tips, it’s going much easier now!