No sound at all

No sound at all from the game. Any thoughts?

Your tv is muted and/or the Music/Sound bar sliders in game are all the way down?

you are lucky lol. mine has been broken (muted) for 3 years :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::yum:

Checked both of those, no results. Everything else on the console has sound. Reinstalling now.

Reinstallation did nothing either.

If everything else is okay, then it’s not an HDMI connection issue, I don’t think. You could try unplugging and plugging that in just to be safe. Hmm. Do you run audio from any sort of surround sound system? If so, is that on, has the volume up, and hooked up properly? If it’s not that, then I’m out of ideas. Sorry.

Ya this is strange only gems of war is doing this. Thanks for your thoughts on it though.

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I now you said your sliders aren’t the issue, but I’ve had this issue as well, and it was the sliders. I KNEW I had not touched my sliders, as I never do unless the issue happens where there is no sound.

Basically, there is a glitch where the sound just cuts off abruptly sometimes, and when I go to look at the sound settings, the bars have for some reason just jumped to 0 each, and I have to turn them back up. I would check that again, but if the problem is still there, I’m not sure.

I checked the sliders, moved them to different positions checking sound each time, still nothing. Thank you though.

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Reboot console

A while back my xbox wouldn’t play any sound from youtube or media player. The most recent system update fixed it for awhile but now it’s back again. Maybe a similar bug for you but with gems?

I play this game on mute anyway, the whole music, sound effects, spell casts etc drive me crazy!!!

This just started happening to me last night . The sound is on in settings. Any resolution?