No Soul Farming in Defense?

I tried messing around with my ranked defense teams so that at least one (Dragon Soul) troop can pop a skill or two to earn extra souls but it doesn’t seem to be happening, am I right in assuming our defense teams don’t actually get extra souls/maps/gold for performing skills and that I should focus on tactical defense?

Defend teams do not accumulate any resources within the battle other than gems and keys.



Do you know the criteria for gaining Gems in Defend? Sometimes I’ll go 4/6 and get 1 or 2, then I’ll go 24/13 and not get a single one.

Gems are based on 7x cascades that your defend team does.


Thanks for this! I learned something new!

yes this is news to me on 7x cascade give gem.

also to throw this out there i tried putting Bishop on defense team to gain glory from battles while using bishop (since that was the event for extra glory). this also does not give extra resources when i tested it

Cheers for clearing this up, looks like it’s map teams for me then :smiley:

I mean gems, not maps. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh :laughing:

So normal teams it is then. :slight_smile: