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No seals gained after 1500

Last week i gained more seal than the 1500 cap, this week i cannot gain more…is it something wanted or some glitch?

Did you purchase any guild pack? The seals you get in packs don’t count towards the maximum, meaning you can get 1500+ however many you bought.

No, i did not buy any, just expecting to gain seal with battles and maps

I think there is/was a bug where if you earned more than the 1,500 seals before you collected them, you could earn more than 1,500 in a week (though you could still only contribute 1,500 for your guild).

Typically a cap means that you can’t go over it :stuck_out_tongue: it is a limit.
So unless you spent money in the guild store, you shouldn’t have earned more than 1,500 seals. It would be a bug if you did.

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But i am pretty sure that if you claimed them, or waited for the week to end, you wont get more than the 1500 seals. OP could check on his guild tracker if he has more than 3k seals earned.

I don’t know 100%; all I know is my wife waited to claim hers until after she had more than the 1500 and ended up with 10 more seals than me (in her “inventory”, her contributions to the guild stopped at 1500 but she, in theory at least had earned 1510 for herself in one week).