No quests in stormheim for hero class?

Done all quests in Stormheim awhile ago I still have quests to do for other areas but all normal story quests are done here and one of the new classes requires Stormheim story quests done or am I missing something here?

There are a handful of new quests tacked on to the original quest line.

But I have 0 though? Well they’re not showing I have any…

And the other kingdom quests are unlocked for the other 2 classes?

If so, you’ll need to put in a ticket.

No they’re locked too in the actual way that I haven’t done the story for them atm. (As in the actual story before the 4 quests that unlock the class.)

Some of the story quests are locked until you do other kingdom quests. Thinking about the War and Peace weapon specifically.

Okay will try all other quests see if it unlocks, cheers!

@Supremesis what platform are you playing on?

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I am having the same issue with the Xbox one version