No PVP Tier reward

Today the server crashed.
When things got stable again, i started PVPing.
After a while, after getting around 1000 PVP point i go to collect my guild seals.
Too bad the game recorded the wins in PVP but not the tier gain.
So no 15 seals for each tier.
PLus, everytime i tier up i do not get the reward in souls/gems/gold/glory keys.
I stopped playing PVP cuz i’m losing stuff for good. PLZ help

This is my current tier, and i have got squat rewards for it. Bottom line i lost 15x8:120 guild seals plus all the tier up rewards and i cannot play PVP without losing more stuff.

just checked, gained a tier, problem still there.

id suggest to send a ticket to support at


already done that, thank you for your concern :slight_smile:

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