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No PvP points for GW fights

My first login of the weeks was a few hours ago (confirmed by posts and guild seals).
First thing I did was Guild Wars which give PvP points which showed I was tier 1, I should have reach around tier 11 after 8 won battles. I didn’t receive any rewards.

While I was writing the above I decided to play actual PvP to confirm error was also there, and then I was back to tier 15 and got reward from for reaching tier 14. So now it is a question of missing PvP points for GW fights, rather than missing rewards :slightly_smiling_face:

A few extra fights will ensure this bug will not effect me, but with all the other stuff this game has added to our plate, I am hard pressed to get all done. (GW, delves, dungeon and even daily tasks).


I saw you had a support ticket about this so I responded there. Let’s discuss it in the ticket so all the information is in one place and doesn’t get lost :slight_smile: