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No point in completing all rooms in Delves

There is really no point. The chances of getting rewards is just atrocious. A 3.35X treasure hoard with a measly level 4 chest gave nothing but gold and very little shards but a Level 3 chest gives mythic without a high chance. Why?

If you are going for the extra challenge, you should have a higher chance, if not guaranteed chance of getting a level up because going through all the rooms for no level ups makes fighting the final room a waste of time since they are far stronger for the low rewards.

I don’t even want to know how to beat higher level factions with only faction troops and without dying. I truly can’t see how it will be possible especially with each faction having separate treasure hoards with separate quality hoards groan and it’s only 3 times a day as well…


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Not a chance in hell. You’ve got a bigger chance of getting to the top of the leaderboard in PvP only using 1 Peasant than me buying every tier in cash shop every week. The Multiplier on the treasure you get from delves is also shockingly bad. You still get around 2.30 from doing the mandatory rooms and the others gives 1.05 extra which is not worth it.

You are disqualified from the game. You can no longer participate. Kindly return to your corner and wait for the 3 free turns to come back, only to lose to the “difficult” AI, AKA 32934980735498703590 HP and attack per enemy troop, while your fully traited Mythics flail before their untimely demise.

Press purchase tier __ to continue…


You get a bonus of x1 for going one stage higher in the Delve. The bonuses of all the extra rooms add up to about x1. I call it a wash. You can hang out at a stage you can fully clear, or you can forge ahead, and make roughly the same bonus. The problem comes when you stall out at the high difficulty: then you aren’t getting the bonuses for beating the boss, and you possibly aren’t making up the difference by clearing other rooms.

Edit: doing fewer rooms also means fewer chances to upgrade the chest level. Maybe not a wash after all.

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Sure you miss out on the chance to upgrading the chest level but since none of them are even 50%, you’ll often end up with a level 3 or 4 chest by the end of the delve and typically isn’t worth the struggle. Especially when you consider some battles could have transformation troops or troops that drag your party.

In other words, just rush it, you’ll either get a level 2 or 3 chest instead of struggling with far more difficult foes with all the bonus buffs they get for the same level 3 chest for beating it.

Actually, if you can beat all level in Delve, you should just for that garantee extra multiplier. If you end up with level 3 chest that reward 20 chaos shards (not actual data, just example), fast multiplier x2 would get you 40 shards, while all-clear multiplier x4 would get you 80 shards instead. Pretty big difference.

Now, if clearing some rooms would result in some casualties or your troops getting shuffle/transfrom and unable to beat the boss, it would be better to just avoid them for the sake of progression to higher level.

You can invest in the Faction’s Hoard you enjoy playing the most, or despises the least if you prefer, and obtain more rewards as you can advance to higher levels/difficulties thanks to the bonuses you have. The Shards you collect there can be used in other factions so it’s not mandatory to invest any treasure in all Factions for a while.

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At least during the event, this is one gem shop where digging myself into a hole is kinda the point, and I’m ok with that.


The increased multiplier does guarantee more individual room rewards. Of course, the differences aren’t show stopping. But, some people may want the extra resources.

Note the specific rewards for beating this legendary room:
400 Gold | 40 Souls | 1 Runic Water
(I have the room rewards circled in the graphic.)


Let’s say that I have done 1 room, and my multiplier is 2.55 after beating this legendary room:
1020 Gold | 102 Souls | 3 Runic Water

Let’s say that I have done all other rooms (except the boss), and my multiplier is 3.8 after beating this legendary room:
1520 Gold | 152 Souls | 4 Runic Water


What are you talking about? So you buy 30 sigils from cash shop, now you need to go beat 30 delves to get 30 levels of rewards. She was complaining about the difficulty, and you think she wants to to do 30 delves in one day where after each delve the mobs become even harder?

You added nothing to help her, nor did you address her being upset about the difficulty

Do you even know how Delves work @Doordash_Support? They get harder the further you go, and they take longer the further you go. I doubt she wants to spend the time to do 30 delves, so why would buying more sigils help her?

You get 3 delves a day, later on when they get hard, that could take a couple hours to do, and some may not even bother because they aren’t strong enough to beat the higher delve levels… On event days, you get three additional delves to do for the event faction, without spending anything.

Nothing you buy will make delves a cake walk. Nothing in the store will make anyone be able to do 30 delves in one day in a few hours. You should really focus on helping people, not further antagonizing them

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I don’t agree with there being “no point” but I agree it is “very hard to tell”.

We don’t know the loot tables or how drop rates are affected by treasure multipliers, so we can’t work out your expected yield for finishing certain numbers of rooms. GoW loves randomness, so it’s very likely some Level 8 chests will give you less or equal rewards to level 2 chests in the name of “bad luck”.

So that you got one instance where a higher-level chest gave you fewer rewards than a lower-level chest doesn’t tell me “it’s not worth it”. I got 8 mythic ingots from one Level 8 chest. I have received no more mythic ingots from them. I’ve seen a lot of people get 2, almost as many get 4, and very few claim more than that. So I assume I had really good luck once, and below-average luck since then. Go me.

Today I got more than 100 chaos toenails from one Delve. That’s more than I’ve gotten from all 3 put together on previous days.

It will take a lot of number crunching and/or reverse engineering to figure out the specifics. It will likely work out like most other things in GoW: “If you consider all of the Delves you will ever play, it makes sense to always finish as many rooms as possible. But if you consider small runs of Delves, the differences are miniscule.”

I wouldn’t be surprised, in terms of the 8-mythic-ingots case, to find finishing all the rooms only increased my odds by less than 1%. But if I expect to play 3 Delves daily, that means every 33 days 1% should pay off.

If we were JUST talking gold and souls, then sure. The cutoff would be, “Can I get more of this faster from PvP or Explore?” But when it comes to legendary/mythic ingots, you can’t. Spending an extra 20 minutes for 1% of a mythic ingot is still better than 20 minutes of PvP.

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It is this clusterfrag of random chances really annoying me the most about the whole new mode. It is just idiotic and it’ll produce atrocious differences in achieved rewards by players putting the same amount of effort into the mode, and it shouldn’t be this way.


Can we also talk about how disappointing it is our only two choices for opening chaos portals are:

  • 1 for 20
  • 10 for 200

Can we at least get a “maximum possible”? Or “a number picker”? Or “maybe if you buy 50 it should cost a little less to encourage dollar purchases in bulk”?

How many times do we have to make the chest interface without a number picker until we learn that players don’t like being limited to arbitrary amounts?


I do all the rooms, but I am concerned about the potential difficulty bump. As I said to @Doordash_Support, in an event if you do buy say 30 sigils, you would have to then do 30 delves to get the rewards from completion. Some might want to do that, but that will be one heck of a challenge in my opinion, as the delves become exponentially harder to complete.

And as you said in your text, the rewards are random, so even doing 30 delves in one day won’t guarantee you incredible rewards… I might buy a few packs with my gems from guild and tribute, as I’m sure the first couple will be 30 gems, 70 gems, and 150 gems, but I don’t think I want to do a crap ton of delves in one day… With the difficulty scale, it doesn’t sound all that fun to me.

Others might enjoy the challenge though, who knows.

You can’t buy shards for money, they come from delves and from renown rewards.

Of course it is, we are all having a good laugh behind your back. :wink:

I think it’s all about the feature being too new and people on the forums mostly had great runs so far earning Legendary and Mythics ingots left and right. Others that didn’t had so much luck can get more and more irritated as time goes too. I think the upcoming Delve event can shake opinions around.

Just in case that spot over there is where i’ll sell my Fiery Pitchforks.
Why carry Torchs or Pitchforks when you can poke and burn with the same tool?

(Secret magic activation word to put out the flames costs an extra.)



We can and should talk about that. A lot.


Asking for a somewhat at least a little consistent reward structure = frantic villager raising havoc in rage to overthrow the system, got it.

Sorry for the misunderstanding. I was joking that people might get pretty upset after the event, so… i would sell them pitchforks. Fiery ones by the way.

A proper structure for rewards is surely desirable, some might even try to counter this proposal with the chests/gacha excuse. But this game doesn’t operates on the strict models of F2P gachas, nor under old statements made by the head developer about not being inclined to use time constraints/energy system… at least not anymore.

I hope this clears things up.

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