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No more $$$

Recent game changes have been consistently mean spirited and anti player. I had been spending about $10/mo to support the game and to support my guild. NO MORE. Not one red cent.

Your greed maneuvers have lost you my $$.


What happened?

The most recent thing is the mean spirited mega nerf of gnomeapalooza. Probably the most player friendly thing they have ever introduced now thrice nerfed and made useless.


I have another experience than you it looks like. Spend your money on what you enjoy.


Well, theres Srine of cunning where two orbs are waiting for u for 10$. Gnomapaloosa is extremely generous and its the only thing anyone could complain about. Man, you get a chance of smashing a horde of gnomes for nothing, whats the problem. The substant, true problem is, for example, when theres no new myth from chests for almost 150 days, like I have now. Stop whining, all gnome events are “too” generous, either way they was nerfed or not.


I paid $100 for six gnomapaloozas that are nerfed to less than half of what they used to be.


The problem, from my perspective, is that the latest round of changes have nerfed the rewards during a palooza by over 75%. Base gem reward used to be 5, now it’s 1. Gold drops during my most recent round - ZERO. All other rewards similarly slashed, except for jewels. Why even bother?


Cause its freebie. The only problem is when you donate for g-o-p, when its radicaly nerfed, but its dev’s fault.

Mega nerf? Useless? Rewards from gnomes was to high before, i understand the nerf. Vkey droprate and verses are the same. I had 7 GAP friday reset now i have 5 GAP and 550vkeys, 52 epic in 28 hours. Play the game and you get rewarded. Vkeys and verses are raining down :heart_eyes:


Once again, you are the outlier. Hardly anyone else has the haul you do. Note to devs. This is not 99.99 percent of the people who play the game. Just nerf the .01 % please.


I only got to play properly on Friday and a little over Saturday and Sunday. Still plenty of keys to be found.

It’s like whining about not getting free condiments, when you getting meals for free.


Quit bragging about how many keys you are getting. You will force a nerf. Duh

The issue is they didn’t think people would live on game for entire weekend. They thought wrong. The people that do this do not need the resources but they want them just in case. :joy::joy::joy::joy:. I would rather play for a while then go outside and get fresh air. Not these people. They force every single nerf.


The first nerf on the first Friday was totally expected and reasonable. They messed up. The new nerf is a bridge too far. It’s mean and it’s mean to everyone.

You can say “but it’s free” and that’s my point. Now it is. I’m not supporting this kind of anti-user behavior. GAP was one of the best/nicest things they did in the game, and given how long it takes to find the RIGHT verse, the first nerf was plenty.

Not sure why folks jump in and apologize when the devs make bad decisions.


Well for paying customers they need to find a way to separate those verses and un Nerf them while they still have paying customers. One guy spent USD $100 and is pretty unhappy about it.

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My god, you’re absolutely right. I forgot that I deserve to be punished for having lavished my time and money on this game for closing in on 7 years, and having spent the effort to get good at the game. I don’t deserve any rewards at all. Surely the next change will reduce rewards to zero, which is all end gamers like me should receive. :roll_eyes:

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I play this game at least 5 days /week for several hours, so I don’t mind spending $10 every ten weeks on the campaign shrugs

For the folks spending hundreds tho, yeah I can understand your frustrations.

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Just you and people like you need to be nerfed according to the devs. Sorry. Go reread there reason or the nerf. Brag about how many key and guess you ruin that for regulars also.

How dare people that play more than you earn more than you do. How dare they.


How dare they do it even though the devs said they ruined the economy. So what do they do, keep doing it. Welcome to nerf 3 caused by the people to ruin it for EVERYONE.