No more Epic weapons in future?

I just look at the “Weapons” section on and see only one Epic weapon which is “Community Scythe”. That’s it? All other future weapons will be Legendary at least?

Its not that they are never making Epic weapons again, its that Events and Factions are legendary, Tower of Doom are doomed, and hero class weapons are mythic.

They’ll make an epic weapon if there’s a proper opportunity to do so. Its about the same as seeing another legendary weapon that isn’t part of an event. Considering how much “content” they’re putting out, I’m not sure that’s any time soon.

On a side note, I find it interesting and somewhat entertaining how the rarity and usefullness of weapons works.
Many weapons are straight up upgrades of more common weapons, meaning that the common weapons will NEVER see play. Common troops by comparison are at least unique which allows some of them to fill niches.
Also, common weapons are only common in the sense that everyone will have them very soon, but there are only a handful of them, the same applies to rares and ultra-rares.

They have to wait until enough people have full weapon collections to stop buying them.

Then we’ll get a set of epic weapons available as 24-hour flash offers during a themed week like shark week.