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No more enemy refresh in Explore (Auto-Scout issue? Patch problem?)

Hello everyone,

I just signed up here to ask/post about this. Hopefully this hasn’t been asked before, oops.

After enjoying the game for free for almost a month now, I decided to spend some money to support it since I have so much fun. But now, all of sudden, the weekly quests (“Kill X in PVP/Explore”) have become a pain - either because of the patch (but it’s not mentioned in the known issues, from what I’ve seen) or because I now have VIP Auto-Scout.

Before, I could just click on Explore, buy the Scout, see what enemies I got and if I didn’t like them I could just click out of the battle window and start this again to get a new batch. This isn’t working anymore now, the enemy setup is saved until I fight another battle elsewhere, at which point it refreshes. Obviously, that makes things annoying and tedious. I want to kill 100 Goblins, but with no fast way to refresh Explore enemies, I’m not even half as fast as before anymore.

Is it the patch? Is it the auto-scout? If it’s the auto-scouting, can I turn it off? I absolutely hate the idea that I might have gotten punished for actually spending money on the game. Can anyone help me out here and explain?

Also sorry for my bad English, I’m not a native speaker. :slight_smile:

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What you’re describing is a consequence of having auto-scouting. Some possible workarounds:

  1. Just enter the battle, retreat, and try again (this wastes a few seconds but there are no consequences from retreating from Explore, so it isn’t a big deal);
  2. Do anything to ping the server (like check an explore in a different kingdom, check your mail, open the guild menu, etc.). This will refresh your explore offer.

Thanks for the quick answer! :slight_smile:

And yeah, right now I’m doing the checking an explore in a different kingdom (as I could get lucky there as well, after all), but it’s just a hassle and pretty annoying. If I had known this would happen, I would have never spent any money, this is awful. They need to warn people about this or - even better - just give an option to deactivate auto-scouting.
I’m actually really pretty upset now (though just not having much luck with the goblins surely contributes to that).

Thanks so much for the tips and explanation, though! I appreciate it a lot!