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No Mana No Cry (bracket 2) is looking for 5 new members!

A little bit about us: We are a casual but active guild in the Sons of Somber/Sisters of Somber family looking for players who want to join a welcoming family of guilds to grow with. We have five slots open currently.

Our requirements are:

200k gold
1000 seals
100 trophies

…and we don’t require any gold donations until kingdoms are level 10. We ask that you use up free sigils for events and fully participate in guild wars.

If you want to be part of a supportive, knowledgeable, friendly Gems of War community, please consider joining us.

Contact Flip#1338 or Vreeska#9004 to join the discord channel; we have lots of useful resources there and it’s the main source of communication for things like the tower of doom.