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No Intrepid Task award if you don't do the Mythic battle when you have enough tokens and win the explores

Platform, device version and operating system:
Windows / Steam

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I was expecting to get my 1 credit for winning my 5 rounds. But because I did NOT do the Mythic Battle I was not awarded. I was saving the Mythic battle to use that in another Kingdom.

1: Get to the task - Intrepid Explorer - Win Explore runs in Divinion Fields at Difficulty 5 or higher - (1)
2: Doing level 5 and win all 4 rounds and miniboss. Get enough tokens to get Mythic Battle but do not do the mythic battle.
3: – Where’s my award for doing explore!? -If I don’t do the Mythic battle I don’t get it.

NOTE - this is not cool since Mythic tokens are applied across all kingdoms - An Explore should only be counted 4 wins and Mini Boss.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Able to repeat this - but you must have enough Mythic tokens to force it into Mythic Battle after the end of the Explore.

Steps to make it happen again

Listed above

This is totally uncool. It takes a bit to get enough Mythic tokens and If you are trying to get specific awards, the Intrepid should not include Mythic Battle into the scenario.


Hi Tasiakat,

Just a couple of thoughts:

  1. What you are calling mythic tokens are “mythstones”
  2. I agree it should count correctly as you’ve noted, but as a workaround, perhaps you can do the mythic battle in another kingdom (as you wanted) and come back to this kingdom after. I’ve done that before (not in the specific case of trying to get a campaign task completed, so I’m not sure if this works), and it just asks you if you want to end your explore run (as you don’t have enough mythstones anymore for the Mythic boss). That may give you the credit you’re looking for.

You should make a feature request then, since this is not a bug.

Current explore has always worked this way since implementation.
It’s even written black on white in respective help article - ends after miniboss unless you have enough mythstones to unlock mythic boss in whick case ends after mythic boss.


This time it really is working as intended…

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I did try that - came back but it just had the option to do new explore set.

Did you complete the Mythic boss battle in this kingdom already? This would only work if you haven’t, then click on the Mythic boss without enough mythstones.