No Intrepid Task award if you don't do the Mythic battle when you have enough tokens and win the explores

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Windows / Steam

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I was expecting to get my 1 credit for winning my 5 rounds. But because I did NOT do the Mythic Battle I was not awarded. I was saving the Mythic battle to use that in another Kingdom.

1: Get to the task - Intrepid Explorer - Win Explore runs in Divinion Fields at Difficulty 5 or higher - (1)
2: Doing level 5 and win all 4 rounds and miniboss. Get enough tokens to get Mythic Battle but do not do the mythic battle.
3: – Where’s my award for doing explore!? -If I don’t do the Mythic battle I don’t get it.

NOTE - this is not cool since Mythic tokens are applied across all kingdoms - An Explore should only be counted 4 wins and Mini Boss.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Able to repeat this - but you must have enough Mythic tokens to force it into Mythic Battle after the end of the Explore.

Steps to make it happen again

Listed above

This is totally uncool. It takes a bit to get enough Mythic tokens and If you are trying to get specific awards, the Intrepid should not include Mythic Battle into the scenario.


Hi Tasiakat,

Just a couple of thoughts:

  1. What you are calling mythic tokens are “mythstones”
  2. I agree it should count correctly as you’ve noted, but as a workaround, perhaps you can do the mythic battle in another kingdom (as you wanted) and come back to this kingdom after. I’ve done that before (not in the specific case of trying to get a campaign task completed, so I’m not sure if this works), and it just asks you if you want to end your explore run (as you don’t have enough mythstones anymore for the Mythic boss). That may give you the credit you’re looking for.

You should make a feature request then, since this is not a bug.

Current explore has always worked this way since implementation.
It’s even written black on white in respective help article - ends after miniboss unless you have enough mythstones to unlock mythic boss in whick case ends after mythic boss.


This time it really is working as intended…

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I did try that - came back but it just had the option to do new explore set.

Did you complete the Mythic boss battle in this kingdom already? This would only work if you haven’t, then click on the Mythic boss without enough mythstones.

I didn’t want to do that Kingdom. I was only doing that Kingdom because of the Task requirement in the Campaign. I was working on saving my Mythstones to go do another kingdom.

Remember - Mythstones work across all kingdoms but you have to choose which kingdom you are going for specific items.

Yes, I understand you were saving mythstones for another Kingdom. However, you said:

In my experience, the game would have prompted you to end your Explore run if you hadn’t done the Mythic boss battle yet and didn’t have enough Mythstones. In summary:

  1. If you collect 100 or more mythstones, you’ll be prompted to do the Mythic boss battle in whichever Kingdom you’re in after completing the Mini boss battle.
  2. As was mentioned earlier by @Dust_Angel , your Explore run doesn’t end until you a) finish the Mini boss battle with less than 100 mythstones, or b) finish the Mythic boss battle (100 or more mythstones after Mini boss battle).

So, it seems to me that you thought you had to do the Mythic boss battle in that Kingdom because of the campaign task since the Explore run didn’t end, which is the whole point of this “bug report” (i.e. feedback). The workaround I suggested only would work if you left the Kingdom after the Mini boss battle (with the Explore run unfinished), did the Mythic boss battle where you wanted, and came back after - it doesn’t sound like you did this, since you were not prompted to end the Explore run when you came back.

To chip in, I believe I’ve done this and had it not count – in which case, that’s the part I’d potentially consider a bug.

I can agree having the task only require defeating the Mini Boss is more of a feature request, and I believe this was suggested during the beta for that release, although not sure if it was specifically acknowledged.


Thanks for the feedback. If that’s the case, I’d definitely consider it a bug - it shouldn’t matter how the Explore run is completed.


I always thought an explore run was from start to finish (whether that included the mythic boss or not) so I don’t think this is a bug

For Explore Battles:

If you do not have enough mythstones to battle with the Mythic Boss, your explore run ends and you are sent back to the beginning.

If you have enough mythstones to fight with Mythic Boss, you do the battle and independently if you win or lose, the explore run ends and you start again from the beginning.

If you have enough mythstones and do not fight the Mythic Boss or give up, you cannot start another Explore Run on that same Kingdom, which means:

The Explore Run did not end.

If you need more clarification, you can read the official game files:

which shows:

Again everyone is missing the original issue.

I had been doing a different Kingdom in Explore mode to farm traitstones and tokens. I was very close to getting the Mythicstones to 100 to fight the Mythic boss.

In the Campaign that was for that week, there became a task saying Intrepid Explorer - Win Explore runs in Divinion Fields at Difficulty 5 or higher - (1)

I have a tendency to leave different Kingdoms at different states so I can pop over if I need some extra points or something. Like right now Whitehelm and Nexus is in the Mini-boss state,

I was not In Divinion Fields, however I popped over to that Kingdom so I could do the task, did 1 run at difficulty 5, finished the Mini-Boss and got enough Mythicstones to get the Mythic boss.

I popped back over to the kingdom I was working on thinking I must have missed the notification that the task was completed, did the Mythic Boss there, and went to collect my stars for the Campaign.

That’s when I noticed that wow… it was not marked completed. And that’s why I filed the bug.

Anyway… It’s really just another crappy design feature.

I may not be understanding what you are saying.

This is what I get:

  • You were doing Kingdom X.
  • You almost had 100 mythstones.
  • You got the Campaign Task: Win Explores Runs on Divinion Fields at Difficult 5+, (1x).
  • You did not have Divinion Field Explore set at 5+ level.
  • You did a level 5+ Explore on Divion Field and after wining the battle with the Mini-Boss, you got enough mythstones to unlock the fight with the Mythic Boss at Divinion Field.
  • You did not fight the Mythic Boss on Divinion Field after you unlocked it.
  • You went back to Kingdom X to fight the Mythic Boss there.
  • You fought the Mythic Boss on Kingdom X, spending 100 mythstones on it.
  • You did not receive the notification or got the Campaign Task completed for Divinion Field.

If what I described above is what happened, nope, you did not complete the Campaign Task.
Once you unlock the Mythic Boss room, you have to finish it, one way or another, to complete that run.

A run on Explore mode is completed when you can start another one.
If you can’t, the run is not complete.

The only reason you can get a Campaign Task completed without fighting the Mythic Boss is if you do not have enough mythstones to unlock its room.

If my understanding is correct, I do not see how this can be a bug or poor design.

This mechanics gives you more opportunities to finish a run without having to collect the 100 mythstones to fight the Mythic Boss, unless you think that a good design means that to complete a run on Explore mode you would need to fight the Mythic boss.

If I misunderstood, I apologize and please clarify.