No guild, no pets?

I used to be part of a guild. Due to connectivity issues I needed to quit for a couple of months. I realize now, however, that in order to level some kingdoms I need pets. But without a guild, how do I get any (other than the weekly pet rescue)?

You have to trigger the rescues all by your lonesome, by killing Pet Gnomes.

It’ll be /a lot/ harder than doing it with even a casual guild.

Maybe someone would take you in even if you’re not frequently able to play?


yeah as @Magnusimus said, you’re going to have an impossibly tough time lvling your pets without a guild. there are plenty of guilds out there, you just need to find the right one that is okay with your connectivity issues/needs.

I don’t think that’s fair. That means ultimately you have to join a guild. While I love my guild (and will rejoin in the fall when I have my issue resolved) I don’t think players should be forced to join them. Seems like this is a solvable thing – soul forge, people!

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You do have the option of creating your own guild… for what that’s worth. I was going to ask if you wanted to join our guild, but I guess you have that covered.

However, playing this without a guild really is shooting yourself in the foot in a lot of ways. If you never join a guild, then everything will require a massive amount of grinding (or money) and that really isn’t feasible.

This game regularly gets bad reviews from players who try it and then say its too grindy and/or expensive. I dunno if the people leaving such reviews bothered to join a guild, let alone look for a good one, or more likely, even knew how much they are missing out by not being in a good guild. TBH, being in a good guild is an essential part of this game.


I suppose it’s unfair to not be able to participate in guild events when you’re not in a guild too?

You didn’t read the answers given to you. You don’t HAVE to be in a guild to get pet gnomes. Obviously 30 of you searching for gnomes is going to greatly improve your chances of finding them over just 1 of you. Nothing unfair about that at all.


If attaining pets were the only issue, I’d agree. But when you need pets to increase a kingdom’s level – allowing you to progress in the game – and my only option is to play all day long in hopes of finding a pet gnome, that’s unfair.

As for other events, they aren’t required to level kingdoms. Pets are.


no but you need mythic troops to level kingdoms and theres no way in hell you are going to get all the mythics you need to level all your kingdoms without the keys/resources that being in an active guild provides unless you plan to spend big big bucks.


Without a guild, grinding on gnome weekends is probably your best bet for the increased odds of finding a pet gnome and other valuable gnomes. I don’t see the devs devoting any time to solving this issue or providing an alternative solution when the common solution is joining a guild.

Soul forge. That’s where I get most of my mythics. Wanna know what you can’t get in a soul forge? Pets.
Just sayin’.

Mythics are on rotation in the Soul Forge, pets are on rotation in the Pet Shop on Pet Event Wednesday. It’s not exactly a cheap option but it does allow you to get every event based pet to mythic without joining a guild (or even playing pet rescue battles).

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The reality is that they want you to be in a guild. When you’re accountable to others for how much you play, you’re more likely to spend money. Honestly, this game would’ve died without guilds and the social element.

Only having one guaranteed shot at a pet each week makes it more likely that you’ll spend the gems for extra copies. They will find a way to get the $ out of everyone.

Even so, there’s no need to spend money, especially if you’re in a good guild. I’ve yet to see a guild that states its requirements in terms that require money… Spending money won’t really help you earn gold, seals and trophies… that’s what guild requirements are mostly about, and you need to grind battles to do those things. Sure, spending money can make that a little easier and quicker, but with all the stuff you get from a good guild, there’s very little reason to spend at all.

The only thing I can see that may require money are guild events, where players can spend 1000s of gems buying sigils etc, and may need more money for gems. TBH, I haven’t done the maths, but assuming every player in the guild contributes to these events more or less evenly, how many gems would each need to spend buying enough bundles for enough sigils etc to get 1/30 of the event points necessary to complete each event? I’d be interested to know.

How many event points does a guild need to complete Tower of Doom/ Invasion/ Raid Boss? Divide that number by 30, how many bundles does a player need to hit that quota? How many gems does it cost?

There are always many guilds looking for recruits… I’m a GM, and I know what a chore recruiting is, with so much competition from other guilds. If you can’t meet the reqs for a top level guild, join a different one that is suited to your playstyle.

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I completely agree with you :slight_smile: There is no need to spend money in a guild, and I’ve never seen it required. The game capitalizes on the social element by putting the have’s and have-not’s together so that the have-not’s are exposed to an impulse trigger more often than playing alone. Assuming they really care, people see lots of team suggestions for troops they don’t have, people earning millions of gold (from VIP bonuses, armor, etc.), and having an easy time with difficult game modes, and will feel the need to catch up in some way. The developers aren’t dummies when it comes to gamer psychology, I promise you that.

I assumed that the OP is avoiding joining a guild. I could be wrong. Trying to go guildless in the game is not beneficial, and joining a guild would mean more shots at pets without having to spend gems to get them fully leveled for a kingdom power level task. So, without the gem income from the guild (and the boost to tributes if statues are over level 100), a person is basically stuck with spending gems to level pet for the kingdom power level or giving up (or joining a guild as is often the case).

Good guilds get 390 gems from completing blue tasks, and I’d say that as long as a guild has a handful of people (4 to 6) that either really like events, want the 50 diamonds and emoji pack from shop tier 6, or a few that want to chase extra orbs in the leaderboard, the answer to that is 250 gems to get to tier 3. Used to be tier 4 to guarantee a share, but with potions making things easier, lost valravens are less common, and fewer battles are lost. That’s essentially what I ask of my guild (also a GM), and we complete all events by the weekend. An equal division of events, btw, is something like 170 tower, 17,000 raid points, 24 dooms if you are just going for reward completion (all give or take).


Interestingly though I swear I’ve seen at least one guild recruitment ad where they requested your VIP level, which struck me as strange in a F2P game where there isn’t any insane pay-gated content.

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High VIP equates to higher earning potential, I can see both fair and unfair uses of it. I don’t expect as much of someone who doesn’t have any VIP as I would of someone with VIP 15 (and a +150% gold boost), but I imagine guilds that want to do 40+ LTs a week would want those that find it easy to put up 3 million or more a week, and VIP bonuses are important to making that sustainable.

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