No Flash Offer Again?

2nd Time Xbox misses out on offers… If this is going to keep happening, is there any point in having a flash calendar.

X-Box is having too many legal obstacles, and you can’t really enjoy a fully-fledged GoW product.

What are you on about the flash offer is on the top right side of the screen

Isn’t it on the top left side of the screen?

I hope you won’t buy this. It’s way overpriced!

X Axis’s vision lol :sweat_smile:

I am the only 100% f2p in my guild… plus I would have more chance winning Lottery than getting a good drop.
Plus I can’t see myself spending money on something that doesn’t get me what I want :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not to mention the fact that it won’t stay with you forever.

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@Saltypatra since PS4 players can’t get the daily flash deals what about the free ones, will those just be sent in the mail to us ?

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Just one of them is free, and it’s probably a Sharki plus some pet food, which should be common enough to work. I’d be curious to know what is causing some of those other flash offers to fail, price tag past a limit that requires additional confirmation?

Its interesting to see Xbox has missed a second over $10 flash offer. In fact, I dont think Ive ever seen any Flash offers over $10.