No Devil in Day 2 so far

LOL… jesus christ. THIS nonsense is why I’m not buying a Campaign Pass this time around. They don’t deserve money.


They all live in Australia. It’s literally been the middle of the night for them and they’ll be waking up for work in a few hours.

Now whether or not they should have remote staff in different timezones to handle issues that appear not during Australian work hours is a totally different conversation, not to mention a very good idea for a 24/7 service.


Why is reset not at a time during their working hours is what I wonder.

Wouldn’t that make more sense? They’d catch issues right away and could work on a fix instead of having players feel abandoned.

Reset times will never be ideal for everyone in a globally available game so why not make them ideal for staff?


True but reset time in Australia is at 6 pm. No one check the status of the game since, that is strange. Hopefully they fix it soon. Now it is almost 6 AM in their time so hopefully in the next 5 hours they do something to fix it.


Total speculation on my part, but I’d assume it’s based on metrics of when the largest playerbase is active or something like that, not necessarily what’s most convenient to IP2. I totally agree it seems like it would be more efficient to have reset be at like noon or something their time so they could dynamically respond to issues instead of waking up to them.

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Now won’t that be a nice start to a working day? Lots of angry and frustrated players venting left, right, and center.

I wonder if there would have been any way to prevent all that when players already pointed out that they can’t seem to find another devil after the 2nd. :thinking:


Yeah, that’d make a lot more sense. Even more so for the Friday/Saturday/Sunday weekend events; at the moment the time offset means that bugs in these don’t get addressed until the very end of the event.


That’s probably what they are doing, yes. For me, reset happens at 9am. Other game I play by a company closer to my timezone has the reset happening at 2pm right now, and they are available if something goes wrong.

Not that they can always fix it right away but they’re at least responsive.

We once had a bug after an update that was so bad that lots of players couldn’t access their account. Panic ensued but the devs were there to assure everyone that the accounts are safe and would be restored - they were - and they got to work right away.

Catastrophe took them days to fix but they were reporting back now and then so people knew they were still on it.

Don’t even want to imagine what would happen if something like this would happen in GoW…


Because most games traditionally have their daily reset times focused around the American market, as that is where those games’ primary markets are. GoW has always built around the American market. When Salty hosted her streams, those stream times were based on American evenings and she had to adjust her work schedules accordingly.

Times are changing. As a global-oriented game, PQ3 uses midnight UTC as its daily reset time. This lines up well with the devs’ home base of Melbourne (UTC +11, or 11 AM). For America, daily reset is mid-afternoon to early evening (5-8 PM, depending on time zone).


US reset is currently 3AM EDT


If I remember right, in first year or so, GoW reset time was UTC midnight.

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7am in Melbourne, another hour until they get to the office.

I don’t know if I would continue working at a company that seemingly is harnessed to getting
new content out over everything else. Fixing things after they are released is always more
time consuming and negatively received than taking the time to do it correctly the first time.

Now that the parent company is dictating their direction, it seems GoW is reduced to a ‘cash cow’ status while their major resources are focused on PQ3.

Gird yourself, it will not get better.


Surely the solution is simple. Just change the recipe to require 2 copies of The Devil. Saves time trying to fix it, and everyone is happy


This is a great bandaid fix, if it seems too difficult to fix quickly. I hope they see this and consider it.


Glad it’s not just me…


All i get is a treasure gnome and the battle crasher that gives 50 souls i already have 4 million souls and i got two Devil troops yesterday from silverglade. But today i played gems the whole day in explore and keep getting the treasure gnome a that battle crasher that gives 50 souls and got nothing at all not even a glimpse of the other battle crasher! If the two battle crashers are all that supposed to drop then why does the treasure gnome show up for? A whole day wasted and my dreams of getting that weapon is crushed. Every year there is a glitch when will the madness end!


I believe the problem is testing of whatever they are putting in the game is the real problem.
Don’t get me wrong bad things and mistakes could happened, but if you are not learning from you mistakes then What that make you?

how many times we get events unfinished or bugs free? it is a continuous trend in Gems of War. We love this game and support it by real money but we are not getting what we think we should get out of this product unfortunately.
If was not for the love of the game, many would walk out and never return. I hope they wake up before it is too late. Players are getting frustrated and had it up there with this non-sense.

Why they don’t have a small office in States since they are concentrating their market there?. That would make a lot of sense. They can offer more solutions and more communications to address an issues a lot faster.


Yep. Got two yesterday, and been grinding for 2 hours and only getting Keepers.


Here’s the theme song:


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Yeah, I’m west coast and reset is 12am for me. Went a long time before I realized everyone’s doesn’t rest at midnight. Not sure how I got so lucky.