No damage after using a dart on a rope

after using a dart on a rope, a card under the barrier does not receive subsequent damage to that card

forgot to add - the card that I hit with a dart does not have the ability to dodge skulls

It would help if you were more specific in describing the situation - for example, I did A and it resulted in B, then I did C and it resulted in D - so that people know what to look for.

I noticed nothing out of the ordinary.

  1. Rope-darted troop with a barrier - armor was stripped as expected, spell damage to life was negated by barrier as expected, troop pulled to front and entangled as expected;
  2. matched skulls against said troop next turn and it took appropriate skull damage as expected.
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  1. I used a rope dart on an enemy hero under the barrier, an elementalist class.
  2. the card’s armor has become 0, it is in the entanglement
  3. the card was damaged depending on the magic level of my card
  4. without changing the turn, I hit this card with skulls
  5. no damage was done to the enemy card
  6. I ended up losing a fight in the guild war

I went hunting for elementalists in casual PvP (with Rope Dart/Ishbaala/Qilin team), stalled the game until they gained a barrier…and still nothing unusual.

Rope-dart the hero, armor gets stripped, no magic damage done (whereas you say that they receive magic damage which shouldn’t be the case); I match skulls and they take expected damage both the same turn and the next turn (whereas you say that they don’t).

I don’t know what to say about your 3rd point;
one might argue that your hero was entangled or on 0 attack otherwise and that’s why no skull damage was done as per 5th point (but that’s not something you would miss or not notice, so I’m not seriously suggesting it).

Out of ideas, sorry.