No crowns today? Is it only me?

Played 20 PVP battles and received 0 crowns.

Just bad RNG luck, I suppose. I’m finding them at the same rate as on other days, doing E12 runs.

As always it took some time but I got all 10.

Maybe restart the game just in case.

I also found that switching modes sometimes helps. But could just be superstition. :sweat_smile:

It’s just crappy luck on the OP’s part. I got all 10 today in just a few minutes of E1 grinding. I always begin the battlecrasher hunt by spamming E1 because it’s much faster that way, but I’ll switch to E12 if I get too close to 100 mythstones.

Since yesterday, I took the easy way expl 1 with palooza team, and it worked yesterday as today real quick to find those boring BC’s! :wink:
Other days was a restart, switching of PVP rank to usual or to explore also seemly a trigger to get them some quicker, so they are there only they like it to annoying us and keep us busy :crazy_face:

Thanks everyone, it finally got first after 25 battles

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Yes, just you. Got all of the crowns today. Just grindy though…