(No bug) Bug in raid boss event

if adakite is cursed and has no other negative effects on it, then it does not deal damage to the boss in the amount specified in the spell (in my case 68 damage + multiplier). Only 20 damage is dealt. adakite of mythic rarity with all skills upgraded

That sounds like your Adakite got hit by Corrupt Magus, causes Curse and reduces two random stats by a huge amount. At 0 magic a mythic rarity Adakite will do exactly 20 damage to Zuul.


I was able to reproduce this issue, twice infact, and both times my cursed Adakite without other status effects dealt the correct amount of damage to Zuul. Not saying your bug didn’t happen, just saying it works fine for me.

And explanation above is what probably happened. :smile:

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спасибо за ответ. вот это я признаюсь не проверил ) думаю тему можно закрыть

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My Adakite is only epic and i rarely cast it. Hellcrag is a spam loop death machine without it. Plenty of weapon options too with geo tanking P1. Doomed Glaive etc etc.