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No Anti-kingdom weapon for Broken Spire?

Just noticed that there is no “if Enemy is from Broken Spire, deal double damage” weapon for Broken Spire.
For that matter, the same can said for Blackhawk, Khaziel, Leonis, Pridelands, Suncrest & Wild Plains.
Is there a reason these 7 kingdoms were left out & the other 27 were not?

it was explicitedly stated in Patch notes that added those weapons.

give me few secs to cite it properly



Well, that explains Broken Spire (although Axe of the Spire works on 13/24 Broken Spire troops, barely half).
And for some reason when I first checked unowned weapons, those other 6 did not show up. And now they do, they just have’nt had their turn in the rotation yet. I must have searched wrong or something.

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