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Nintendo switch Cloud save?


Are you planning on adding cloud save in the future? With ALOT of hours put into this game im scared of losing my progress if something would happen to my Switch (stolen/stopped working so i cannot transfer my save to a new console)

Hey Kizzm0 :wave:

You should be able to effectively do this by registering your account in the Settings menu (cog wheel icon) > ‘Account’ tab.

Once registered, you are given a unique password tied to your email account that you can write down and then use to transfer your progress to another Switch if you lose yours, etc. Support are also quite helpful with recovering lost accounts.

Hi Jonathan!

Is it the Invite code you are talking about that connects this forum account to my Switch account?

No, hang on – I’ll get a screenshot, although the Steam/Mobile Settings menu might look a bit different, now.

So once you’ve opened the Settings menu:

Go to the tab up the top that says ‘Account’, like so:

As mentioned, yours will look a little different, but the basic layout with the tabs up the top is the same.

Registering an account looks like this, for me:

But for you will be 3 horizontal text boxes, I think, with ‘Register your Account’ being the first one.

Hopefully I’m not completely mistaken and Switch does have this feature like all the other platforms.

Switch do not have this feature :frowning:

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I’ll tag the Support Devs (@Kafka @Cyrup) since they might be able to help more :man_shrugging: :scream:.

You can also put in a Support Request on their support site here to ask for help.

The Dev team work Australian (AEST) hours, so won’t be in the office for another 10+ hours, and probs won’t be able to respond right away.

Otherwise, good question :+1: :stuck_out_tongue: not having an easy way to recover an account would make me a bit uneasy, too.

@Kizzm0 From the GoW Community Discord Server:

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So to break down what this means:

  1. Nothing about your account data actually exists on the Switch (or any other platform).
  2. Technically that is a lie, the important thing saved locally on PC/other platforms is a username and a password that was generated at account creation. Even the username is scrambled letters, it’s not the thing you think of when you think “username”. Those two things together tell GoW which account you are.
  3. The account link process is a means by which you can register an email address so in the event of disaster, you can safely get your username and password back. When you do the account link dance, GoW tells your device those secret codes and it saves them.
  4. Switch doesn’t use that mechanism, it uses your Nintendo ID. Since that can roam to other Switch systems, it’s safe. If your Switch is broken, so long as you use the same Nintendo ID on another system, you’ll have the same GoW data.
  5. So don’t get your Nintendo ID banned or you’re hosed.
  6. Also, because of this Switch doesn’t need the account link system or cloud saves.
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