Nintendo Switch Catch Up & Synch

Technically Kafka stated around 34 days so there’s some wiggle room either side. Hopefully the devs are back in the office on Friday and we get the full sync up.

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I tried talking with her before the holidays, and they claimed they couldn’t fit a nightmare circus faction assault on the weekend. We are probably going to have to wait until we have a midnight event week and then rush it down on Tuesday or get it done by slowly using our daily faction sigils.

We are still missing some troops from the labyrinthian campaign too, but they will probably include those in the drop pool when we get our compensation. We know it’s not going to help us out much, as we are going to have to rely on the soulforge to get missing mythics and weapons.

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Tuesdays are out, there is no Mydnight event week for at least the rest of this Campaign.

Campaign Weeks are viewable from the "Artifact" campaign page

Dragon’s Claw
Leonis Empire ← We are here
Bright Forest
Pan’s Vale

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I am aware of these troops. It’s just frustrating not knowing when Mydnight will cycle around again.

The least they could do is just add the nightmare circus faction to the underworld, so we could at least use our daily sigils in the meantime.


Probably not what you want to hear, but now that you can pay for daily delve sigils, 6 delves a day (50 gems per day) would get you to 500 in 9 days for 450 gems or 5 days for 800 gems

And surprisingly, the pure faction is not that hard in my opinion. Strongman with the Potion of Shielding at Hoard 130 will go a long way. Even better, if you can get Potion of Blessing at Hoard 150, you can control when things on your side get Terrored. Big bonus if you don’t get the 3rd trait on Ringmaster until after you’re done.

Its probably doable at Hoard 100 though.


August 26th


Okay, so they stop by the office for 1 day to push the big, blue button to give us our compensation.

That sounds reasonable.:rofl:

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@Kafka Do you have any updates from the dev team when the Nightmare circus faction and other troops will be patched into the Switch game?

This will greatly help players effectively manage their resources as they are likely hoarding keys, chaos shards, treasures etc

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Hey all, sorry for the silence over the holidays, you’re not forgotten!

I’ve asked for a status update about the global mail and Nightmare Circus and we have some coding to finalise to finish the synch up. Unfortunately we fell behind on this due to illness and the holidays so we’re very sorry for the wait.

As soon as we have a specific date for you we’ll let you know.

I hope you’re enjoying being on the same event schedule and having most of the same content as the other platforms in the meantime.

Thanks so much for your patience while we finalise things!


@Kafka any updates? We’re waiting very patiently over here in switch land for some news or the updates to drop.


Hi all,

We are aiming to send out the global goodies mail to Nintendo Switch this week.

The mail will contain the following:

  • 50 Gem Keys
  • 10 Vault Keys
  • 50 Diamonds
  • 200 Chaos Shards

As always, don’t forget to do your favourite RNG ritual and then clap twice before opening those chests!


I know this is just meant as a boost to get going, but missing out on 4 campaigns worth of loot has made many NS players feel hopeless.

This is not even a drop in the ocean of catch up that we have to do.

Is there any chance u guys can interrupt the mythic or weapon cycle to give us some of that content we missed out on in the soulforge? Those are the main obstacles we have to catch up on, and it will probably be close to a year to catch up on all of those.

I know there is no such thing as a free lunch and there are finer details that you guys can’t discuss, but decisions like this are why the player base for NS is so small.

Your efforts are appreciated @Kafka👍


I’ve mentioned concerns over the long Soulforge cycle to the team already today - specifically in relation to the Switch catch up, don’t worry, I’m on the case!

I’ll also specifically go and make a list of that Campaign content and check the schedule and talk to the team about anything specific that I spot to see if there’s any wiggle room for any Soulforge content that might be at risk of not appearing for a while.

I’ll also follow up on the Nightmare Circus content.

I may not have answers for you today but I will post here when I get any info


It’s okay, Kafka. You guys r trying to juggle a lot of things at once, and I know NS has some missing parts that need to be taken care of.

We just want respect. That’s all.

You can always ask me about specific details or clarification, and I will be glad to help u out.:+1:

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It’s fair to say this is really an insult to Switch players. Especially after having to wait so much longer then what was first promised.

This barely helps with all the campaign mythics, campaign weapons, new delve troops, weekly troops and probably forgot some things we were forced to miss. With barely any way to reliable get our resources up if they would show up in the Soulforge.

But to end on a positive note it’s at least nice we finally have acces to the Nightmare Circus :grin:


Oh? Oh? (checks)

Nice, it’s actually on the Map now! One less concern to worry over.

[edit] Two less concerns. The four missing Campaign Artifacts are correctly (if quietly) added to our inventory so we can check their lore.


Just want to confirm if the “catch up” gift we’ve gotten is really all we get after such a long waiting time?
As it’s barely a catch up and more a little gift without any thought behind it. Better option would have been to not give anything at all or made a temporary chest/shop that had troops and weapons we missed out on.

Cause of what we got now, which was a big disappointment, several Switch player feel very let down and less motivated to play the game. Was this really to have things synched up or a way to push away Switch players? As it really feels it was the latter with the so called “catch up” gift.

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We will not get any more compensation unfortunately. It was just meant to be a boost, even though it is is very disrespectful based on what we have been through. We will have to rely on the soulforge to craft unowned mythics and weapons, while waiting on event weeks for kingdoms we missed out on.

This is painful because we need mountains of diamonds and event keys to realistically get caught up. With as much trouble as we have had ever since they included NS as a platform, you would think they would be understanding.

This has, and never will be the case. There is no use asking for more help. Trust me. What’s done is done. We just have to find a way for ourselves to navigate through the mess of unowned content.

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