[Nintendo Switch - Bug] Satyr Musician's Sonata

Platform: Nintendo Switch


Per the spell description, I expected the ability to cast towards the first two enemies. However, it appears that it casts this at two random units; some fights it worked as intended, other fights they would target other enemies, as shown in the video. It seems that this started happening after the weekly reset for this week (April 29, 2019).

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I have a theory that this is happening because the game is targeting the 3rd/4th enemies intentionally. It does this sometimes if it knows that for whatever reason the Spell you are casting won’t resolve fully:

So in this case, my question is - do you notice this mostly with Troops that have any kind of Trait or Spell that involves healing or regaining life after a turn is made? Or what other Troops are you generally fighting when this happens?

Even if they aren’t unlocked on the enemy Troop it might still be causing an interaction bug with your Troop casting.

From what I understand from the article, it sounds like there are certain preconditions or checks that an ability performs before triggering its effect.

In the case of this particular troop, the Satyr Musician’s ability is very inconsistent as to whom the spell hits, and upon further testing, its spell is not stealing magic, either.

Test Environment

To maintain consistency and mitigate much interference from the enemy troops, I decided to test how consistent Sonata would target its enemies in the Divinion Fields Challenge “Scouting Party.”

Under Challenge Mode, the enemy team is kept as the control, so I am able to fight the same team in every iteration.

I performed 10 tests in two different difficulties (Normal and Hard) to see if enemy Armor/HP differences would skew the behavior of Sonata.

In addition, I decided to use a team that consisted of just the Satyr Musician by itself, to remove the factor that allied Troops or a Hero weapon would somehow affect the results.

Hypothesis: The spell Sonata should increase its user’s Magic ability (making subsequent casts perform more damage with each reiteration), and it should prioritize two targets consistently based on their position.

Please see the picture below for results of the tests. To provide further clarity: each cell below the Troop’s name indicates ARMOR / HEALTH POINTS, so “5/12” is 5 Armor and 12 HP. When its text is red, it indicates this enemy troop was hit by Sonata in the test. If the text has a black cell background, it indicates that the enemy troop was killed after a single cast.

I simply matched mana on the board until Sonata could be cast, and activated the ability once. I would then exit the battle, and restart the fight for each new test.

Results: There appears to be no difference in whether an Enemy Troop has full mana, half mana, or no mana, but that there is a random selection for the two targets in which Sonata hits. Furthermore, whether any enemy troop survives or dies, Satyr Musician’s magic power does not increase, and thus it appears that there is no “steal” effect. Enemy troops that were hit by Sonata who managed to survive DO decrease in magic power, however.

Side note: I still stand by my statement that since the beginning of this week, Satyr Musician’s targeting priority has changed compared to before. This troop is actually one of my favorites to use in the Arena, especially when its ability silences the first two enemy troops, who are in positions that are likely to accumulate mana first. Thus, I previously was able to rely on it to prevent fatal spell casts from the enemy team. Lately, however, this troop now seems to have become very rusty, almost like he forgot to clean his pipes!

On the other hand, Night Terror, who also steals magic and deals damage to a predetermined Troop (i.e. auto-targets the weakest enemy), is working correctly, where magic decreases on the target and increases on the caster, and the targeted Troop is indeed the “weakest” of its team.

Ok, I mean, that’s a lot of information, thank you very much. Whilst I appreciate the level of effort don’t feel like you need to do this for every bug! Just answers to the questions we have any other key highlight of interest is usually enough so you can continue enjoying the game :smiley: Thank you so much again for the work.

I’m checking some things with the team.

Yes, and some of our most common bugs with Troops can occur from the way these Spells are ordered or activated.

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It sounds a little bit like Satyr Musician and Faunessa have the updated text on Switch but the old spell coding?

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